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Right or Wrong

What January blues? We’ve been hit by another dopamine drop by Pitbull with AAYBO and Ero808 Right or Wrong.

Mr Word wide stamps his own brand of magic on AAYBO and Ero808’s 2022 hit Hypnosis. Sinking us deeper into his beguiling spell to party, let loose and get wild.

The refreshing new style and beats take us through a deep journey of hefty, dark, dynamic and addictive House, Electronic and Dance. 

Pitbull seems to be stuck in between two levels of consciousness. The fine border of still being drunk or beginning to come to a jaded surface on the other end. This combined with the women and the beat – he’s hypnotised.

“She got me in a hypnosis….she’s a bad b**h – flammable. She eats, she’s a cannibal (yes, he said it) and much more. Drink, smoke, party, hotel rooms and women. The signature Pitbull party formula. 

Not knowing if what they’re feeling is wrong or right and whether they should still be f****d up from a night of Vegas mischief. And of course the party never stops so hold tight as we go back to join them after Pitbull’s 2022 New Years Eve show at Resort World Las Vegas. Courtesy of music video wizard, David Rousseau and rockstar photographer Greg Watermann.

On filming the video, David tells us “Vegas fun! We filmed it over the New Years weekend.  Totally last minute and very spontaneous – it matches the energy of the song.

With fun moments with some of The Agents and The Most Bad Ones dancers as characters. Hypnotized!

It’s really all about setting the tone for 2023. Back to having fun! Bringing sexy back (No masks, all thongs!)”

In the spirit of the video, I cheekily added, “Different kind of masks and they will be coming off too!”

Greg catapults us into a taste of the rockstar life in hotel rooms after hours! As the second camera for the shoot, Greg teases us further by adding “I have a behind the scenes video coming soon.”

David and Greg encapsulate the shenanigans in hotel lobbies and rooms. Profiling the types of Vegas visitors being hypnotised by a pack of The Most Bad Ones (Armando’s Angels) one by one.

There’s Baddies and flashes of flesh everywhere!A little weary, after hours Pitbull mesmerised and taken over and drowned by the Baddies. Or so it seems at first.

The Agents get in on the action too. Jorge Gomez is on his worst behaviour as the businessman on his first Vegas trip. In another room, Rony Feliz is more than happy to have his last fling as the groom of a bachelor party!

The fella’s are being thrown back on beds all night (flashback to Hotel Room video) elsewhere a couple who met on a dating app walking the strip.

In the end we question how far Pitbull is really hypnotised, or whether he is in fact the devil himself. Armando diablo controlling his hypnotic Baddie angels, casting the guys under a spell with their handheld pendulum watch.

An infectious song accompanied by a captivating fun-filled video. 

A word of warning, don’t look in the eyes of The Most Bad Ones!


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  1. Hi, there is Lizbeth, I am a #1 fan of Armando Christian Perez and would like one day to meet the artist in person, if is possible. I live in Illinois. And I see that you already have a concert schedule for August the 23rd. I am starting a new job next week so I don’t know my schedule yet. But I wished I’ll be able to assist. If not it will be a sad. It will be my first concert of him to go. Thanks for keeping us the fans and the public with all of his carrier on the loop.


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