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Me Pone Mal!

Pitbull joins Mr 305 Inc’s Omar Courtz for a new sultry track. Me Pone Mal.

Reggaeton infused beats dominate with feint deep house undertones. Added with low dirty bass sprinkled here and there.

Straight into the first verse and Mr Worldwide struggles to get his words out. Stuttering on the word ‘shake.’ And upon each sh-sh-sh-sh-shake, my imagination visualises his head oscillating at speed side to side in a mesmeric manner. Following those ‘sitting’ cheeks from left side to right. One for when making the video!

In a nutshell Pitbull expresses that he is made horny by a Mami’s ass. He walks past her they both share a brief exchange. She, then in pied piper fashion follows Mr Worldwide to wherever he is going and so PIT ends up in VIP. As Pitbull is hypnotised by the motion of her culo, he thinks about all the things he’d like to do to it as she looks back on it.

I must confess I have never listened to the vocals of Omar Courtz – and I am LOVING it! A delightful collab-combination – what took you guys so long to get together?

DJ Chino, Chris Daniel, Mauro Bertran, Nacho Larraza, Mark L and Bobby Sierra were also in the mix through production, writing and more for bringing us this addictive track.

Love. Love. Love!

Me Pone available to stream and purchase on major platforms. Check out the official lyric video below.


Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed.

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