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Party Of A Lifetime!

Feliz cumpleaños aaaaa ti! 🎵 ‘Cos Pitbull’s got a new song for you!

Party of a Lifetime by the one and only party King Pitbull with Play N Skillz dropped today. Move over traditional ‘happy birthday to you’ as Pitbull introduces a modern day birthday anthem.

Pitbull continues to gift us a lifetime worth of feel good anthems. The ‘fast turn over’ Pitbull hit factory churns out another banger to add to the collection.

“Everyday my birthday.”! What’s Mr Worldwide REALLY talking about here? Let’s dig a little deeper. Party everyday because everyday of life is a celebration, a birthday. Every day of life makes up a lifetime. And as we celebrate everyday we’re alive and party through life. It’s a Party of a life time.

Pitbull reminds us to live life. To celebrate life. Let loose and party. Everyday above ground is a great day (remember that!).

Always with the cheeky wordplay to engage the brain “Let’s getaway like OJ.” A reference to O.J Simpson making a run for it in a high speed car chase.

Listen through my ears and for a split second get transported back to the 80’s and a little reminiscent of the tail end chorus part of Jermaine Stewart’s We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off.

One time to the left….You know we gon’ set this thing off right

Two steps to the right…….Drinks into the sky. We gon’ feel alright (alright)

To the front to the front…..Dale baby you can do it all night (all night)

Take it back take it back…..Way back like we doin’ the electric slide

Who else feels a social media dance craze coming through with this part of the song? C’mon Pitbull let’s see you do the electric slide!

Simple, smooth, feel good, enjoy life, take it to the positive side and get up and dance feel. Thank you Mr Worldwide. It certainly IS a party of a lifetime with a feel good Pitbull soundtrack through our time line!

Available to purchase and stream on all major platforms.

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