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You’ve seen Pitbull walk on water outside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for the Bad Man video, now Mr Worldwide has honed his skills of break dancing and body swapping!

The video features Zekumia an athlete, a professional breakdancer who was also in the I Believe That We Will Win Video, a former SLAM Miami student who is currently on the I Feel Good tour with Pitbull and looking at heading to the the 2024 Olympics. His power moves and street style vibe really rise to the theme.

Zekumia steps out the porch of Pitbull’s real-life old home in Wynwood, Miami. Swap Pitbull’s head onto Zekumia’s body in a quick flash and Pitbull walks on. As he leaves, Pitbull waves at the couple living across the street from his childhood – who also featured in the 2012 VH1 Behind The Music documentary

Still body swapped and in a colourful tie-dye shirt to blend in with the vibrancy of Wynwood, Mr 305-Worldwide back flips and breakdances through the neighbourhood.

Wynwood is not only Pitbull’s old neighbourhood but also THE place to party, eat and drink. Miami’s mecca of wall to wall street graffiti. A colourful, vibrant district. An art lovers dream!

On he goes. Pitbull’s hijacks the body of The Most Bad Ones, Jennifer Valdes- Lookin’ good in hot-pants Pit! But Jenny soon takes her body back and shows us those mesmerising dance moves!

Making his way eventually to Disem’s striking mural of a young Pitbull making the 305 sign.

While Anthony Watts on a skateboard and DJ White Shadow rock up on a bicycle through the back streets of Wynwood.

Speaking of bicycles, look out for the an Echelon fit plug. What could raise those endorphin feel good chemicals then a bike work out?

The video takes us to some pit-stops in Calle Ocho where Baddie Shanice gives the domino players a hand in Maximo Gomez Park and also gives glimpses of other popular places like ice cream spot Azucar to the signature cigar factories dotted around the street.

With his Cuban heritage and personal family history, the video also acknowledges raising awareness of the cry for freedom from oppression in Cuba and includes images of the recent protests and pleas for other countries to help.

Apart from Pitbull taking us on a tour of his neighbourhood, the video also consists heavily of footage of the current I Feel Good tour and includes fan moments captured by Greg Watermann. As well as other silent snapshots such as Pitbull recording against the mic.

Colourful and simply a happy, bright, fun, feel good vibe. Flashin’ dancin’ and breakdancin’. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Directed by David Rousseau, the video blends creative with sentimental parts at the beginning. David always brings us a surprise or an out of the box thinking element but David’s vision in this video above all makes us FEEL GOOD and does what the title says!

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