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Almost time to ring in twenty-twenty-two and Pitbull with Mr 305 Inc’s DJ Chino have a new beat for you to dance to!

Discoteca screams out club banger! As well as La-La-La-Lala!

Worldwide is as worldwide does as this infectious track vamped up with a classic sampler from All Around The World by ATC.

Energising Latin infused disco vibes strong enough to catapult straight onto the dance floor – whether that’s a real one or just the one in the kitchen!

Pitbull wicked with his rhymes as he talks about meeting girls in the club and what they do to each other there and then.

As always playing a cheeky lyrical blinder, where you have to listen carefully at what’s really being said: “All the women love it when I give em that la la la la la”… ( if you don’t know what he’s talking about, let’s spell it out. We don’t have any filters here! Sing lalaalla, notice the motion and use your imagination!).




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