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Pitbull’s I FEEL GOOD dropped today in sync with the kick off of the same titled US concert tour with Iggy Azalea.

“It feels good to see the world getting loose.” Straight in on that note, Mr Worldwide teams up with Anthony Watts and DJWS (White Shadow) to give us a euphoric beat to rehabilitate us back into the world again.

2021 Pitbull led the fans like the Pied Piper with a global online concert series. Giving hope to through shows and keeping spirits uplifted through uncertain times with a powerful song – I Believe That We Will Win. Although the pandemic is not over, with the easing of the lockdown noose means it’s time to get a little looOOOOsE!

“I don’t know about you?” He asks Sak Noel who is also going on the I Feel Good tour with Mr Worldwide, Phenom (DJ Phenom heading his radio station Globalization and DJCity in the States.) and of course White Shadow (DJ WS). Who also co-wrote and produced the song and has joined Pitbull on From Negative To Positive podcasts.

I don’t know about you but I’m drinkin’ out a Voli bottle (not hanging out with supermodels) but getting drunk on the fun vibes off Mr Worldwide’s latest banger. I Feel Good. Yep! It does have that effect too, and so the purchase should come with a warning on the cover.

Signature Pitbull party and feel good vibes! Produced by Sak Noel, Salvi, DJ WS and Dino Zisis. The sax in the background will happily keep playing in the head long after the song has stopped.

I Feel Good ‘does what it says on the tin’ as the phrase goes! Infectious, addictive, happy and just simply FEELS GOOD! Oozing party times, getting off the chain along with nuggets of Pitbull wisdom. A timeless tune ahead a part of Pitbull’s up coming Timeless album.

“It’s only one life, you don’t get twice. So live life, don’t let it live you.”

Listen out for snippets of an exclusive interview with Crisco Kidd on Pitbull’s Globalization Radio SiriusXM C13 airing all of this weekend 21-22nd August.


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