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‘Worldwide is as Worldwide does’ As Pitbull calls for students, medical workers, first responders to everyday family and fans to come together and participate in the official video for his global anthem I Believe That We Will Win released today. The proceeds of which are going to COVID-19 relief charities around the world as the release date also coincides with National Nurses Day in the USA

The video begins with Pitbull making his way between the buildings of SLAM 1 and new SLAM 2 through the bridge walkway of SLAM School Miami. He passes his old high school basketball team photo on the wall and straight into the gymnasium. Where the tiered side benches are filled with rows of laptop screens of people from around the world singing and dancing along with Pitbull. Bringing fans from all nations together in the heart of the school. Essentially, instead of ‘physically’ sitting there, they are ‘seated via laptops.’  A global pandemic doesn’t deter Pitbull from bringing the essence of ibelieve2worldwide into the SLAM gymnasium!

From break dancers, lyrics thrown out in signs accompanied by disposable masks now a – a ‘sign’ of our times today, to The Most Bad Ones, Papayo, Tony Robbins, Uncle Luke, Akon and Udonis Haslem also feature in the video. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Co-directed by David Rousseau and Gil Green under these challenging conditions, at times it’s almost as if the camera is jumping around steadily with Pitbull in the gym. The video delivers a powerful message through awe-striking simplicity in visuals to support the overall message. To stay positive, instil fighting spirit and know that we are in this together wherever we are in the world. As that Pitbull energy, fighting talk, winning vibes and unity cut through the screen.


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