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I Believe That We Will WIN

You know what spreads faster than any virus? It’s fear. You know what spreads faster than both of these? Pitbull’s infectious and uplifting energy. Mr 305-Worldwide has a new anthem ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ to get us through these uncertain times during the corona virus lock downs. Energetic, forceful music and chants full of conviction and motivation to lift our spirits that we can get through this. That we will win this.

Pitbull may have teamed up every evening 10pm ET with Paramount Miami World Centre Tower to light up in sync with iHeart Radio stations playing this song yet the positive ripple effects of “I Believe That We Will Win” has spread to fans worldwide.

Mr Worldwide has also invited DJs to play the song on their balconies in sync with iHeart at 10pm ET each night for the week.

All proceeds are to be donated to the COVID-19 relief efforts.

Full of teasers as always, Armando posted a short clip directed by David Rousseau with so much detail and read-between-the-lines behind the video as always and caIMG_9466ptured moments by non other than Rock Star photographer Greg Watermann where Pitbull is on the roof of his school SLAM Miami and walking on the bridge between the buildings of SLAM 1 and SLAM 2. Both overlooking the beautiful city of Miami.

The video teaser also shows the classrooms which are deliberately ceiling to floor overlooking Miami for the students to see what potential is out there for them as well as the city Pitbull loves so much. You can also catch the new gymnasium where the windows are shaped as A. ‘A for Armando’ . It’s all in the windows to Miami  (see images below) as Pitbull re-frames what FEAR stands for. That is to Face Everything And Rise. Pitbull tells us to also stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed.

God bless you Armando



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