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Café Con Leche Anyone?

“This will sell more coffee than Starbucks!” Shouts our favourite global music barista!

Pitbull joins forces again with Play N Skills to serve up another HOT hell of a caffeine infused track. Cafe con leche!

Pitbull adds some Celia Cruz “ACUCAR!” Not only because coffee needs sugar, but possibly a reference to The Queen of Salsa and her group Sonora Matancera – who was nicknamed Cafe Con Leche after Celia joined the band.

Taking El Presidente’s Cafe con leche from the late 90’s and adding a shot of his own filthy twist in the cup! One’s a company, two’s a crowd. Three’s party – cafe con leche. And that’s just the mild lyrics! Being worldwide, Pitbull has never made it a secret he takes his women in all kinds of shades. And he will bring the leche (if you know what he means!)

Deep Latin house-y bits on loop that’s become somewhat of a signature with Play N Skillz like HOT. Listening to the track I’m imagining Lil Jon coming in with a “What? Yeah” in the chorus over Pitbull. Throwing it out there- How about a remix of Cafe Con Leche with Pequeño Juan?

A big ‘cup of excellence’. Addictive and moorish! what’s in that coffee Pitbull.. apart from the leche..hahaaa!

Available now on all major platforms. Go get your Pitbull cafe Cubano fix!



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