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WOW! Emotional, nostalgic, powerful, dream it and live it – sums up my experience of watching the official Can’t Stop Us Now video released today.

Directed by David Rousseau, the video begins with a photo of his father Armando Senior holding him embedded beside a quote by Jose Marti. Taking us back to where being on stage really started for Armando. From reciting Jose Marti poems in Calle Ocho as a young boy to bringing his words and influence into a music video today.

Zoom out and it’s a photo pinned to a cork board surrounded by other key moments of the past and present. As we take a trip down memory lane on this board, I’m going to go with that we are looking at Pitbull’s vision board from the beginning “It was all a dream, now I wake up and live it.”

The journey from his childhood. Father, mother, the Lil’Chico then. Family life spilling over to his career and achievements. Street battle footage on Planet Pit from when Uncle Luke took a young Pit on tour, snippets of the dialogue at the beginning of the Toma video. The iconic Culo video filmed in Calle Ocho, Oye video, Street Teams with the M.I.A.M.I album theme cover van panels to when he got sent to Kodiak and turned a negative to a positive!

There is acknowledgement of Pitbull’s albums from different eras in his career to footage of various global tours, media appearances. A treasure chest of snippets of music videos. Look out for Greg Watermann’s magic touch! Some with fans featured! With a nod to his Cuban heritage throughout too.

Bringing in the ‘friends he can’t forget’ element. As the video features people Pitbull made history with on this incredible journey from those close to his heart like ‘Eddie’ to Lil Jon, DJ Laz, The Diaz Brothers, Neyo, Enrique Iglesias, JLO, Daddy Yankee, Charles Chavez, Uncle Luke, Chino, The Agents, The Most Bad Ones and way beyond.

We go back and forth and visit different stages of history on Pitbull’s vision board. To bring us to today with his venture with Nascar and Team Trackhouse.

If there ever was a catalogue of Mr Worldwide’s achievements in a trophy cabinet converted into a music video. This is it! Although as Pitbull once said, his “Kids can’t eat trophies.” And all this runs way deeper than that. Speaking of kids there is also a beautiful acknowledgement of Armando’s legacy. SLAM. We see footage of the construction site and Pitbull in a hardhat of the history making school SLAM Miami. “To change their lives, it’s priceless.” Pitbull voice overs this segment.

“My mother always told me the pen is mightier than the sword.” Pitbull tells us. Sit on this thought for a while. You’ll see how street hustler used a pen to became a hustler in a suit.

Newspaper cut out “People say I do Reggaeton. People say I do Crunk. Nah I do MUSIC!” – Yep! WORLDWIDE IN MUSIC GENRES, NO LABELS, Pitbull created his own lane. Cue an image of the cover of Hollywood Music’s New Don feature.

You REALLY CANNOT blink! There is a WEALTH of history in the details of this video, we JUST GREW UP WITH PITBULL – far too many to fit on this page here! A must watch. Old school fans, you’re in for a treat!

For the first time I have written without going back and fine tuning bits. I write as I speak – as I’m over excited and nostalgic about what I saw in the video. So here it is. My fast take on it. With gratitude.

The question is WHO is going to stop Pitbull now? No, I didn’t think so!

Love Love Love Love – Thanks for taking me back!. I’m going back to watch it!


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