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Before Daddy Yankee hangs the mic up for good. We’re treated to the final album, Legendaddy. Bringing in the big guns, the album features the single HOT with ‘yours truly, Mr Worldwide’ Pitbull.

The Fireball is certainly makin’ the dance floors HOT with the Big Boss with a simultaneous release of song and video released today.

The Pit and Daddy collab duo always deliver. With Pitbull is still making history as he goes down in Daddy Yankee’s last album. Enjoy your retirement Big Boss! ( Psst! Pit pull him back out we’re not ready yet!)

Pitbull and Daddy Yankee prove there doesn’t always have to be a great deal of complexity. A simple infectious propulsive rhythm dance floor (or laundromat) banger with a gripping video does the job!

When you get into the attention arresting video directed by Daniel Duran, follow the briefcase passed around through a laundromat and you get to the Big Boss, revealing the money stashed inside.

Follow the music and you arrive at at trumpeters surrounding Pitbull spitting his rhymes in a makeshift studio at the back.

At one point there’s lots of washing machines behind Daddy Yankee (trying to get a close up- washing dollars? Money laundering fellas?)

While the ample washing machines are out, it’s easier to chuck an outfit into there and grab a new one for a few costume changes for the guys too!

The whole laundromat IS the club itself with alluring ladies showing their best moves

Hot, hot, hot and oh so addictive track and video.


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