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Zac Brown invites us to get lost with him tonight while Pitbull goes off in his unique wild tangent, as they present us with their new single, Can’t Stop Us Now. Same title headed by his next US Tour.

Old school fans! You’re in for a treat with rhymes reminiscent of Triumph (Rebelution) and Maldito Alcohol (Armando) with a Country twist!

Opening verse Pitbull jogs our memories “I’m here to remind you, just incase ya’ll forgot – Mr Worldwide the world is my block.” With more Triumph “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years. Grindin’ blood, sweat and tears.” Some messages especially right now are worth refreshing our minds with!

2009 Rebelution – the year of ‘freedom’ in Pitbull’s five-year plan back then. Coming slowly out of the pandemic I can only guess it’s about regaining our freedom all over again and pushing forward with nothing stopping them now. Others spit while Pitbull spit and lived it. Proof that nothing has stopped him nor will. Fighting talk, motivational talk. Talking about himself with a subconscious ripple effect of a message to the fans.

Pitbull says, “I’m like time, I never stop……Still got it locked and will never stop.” That is for certain. A fighter, survivor, rider. Pitbull navigated his career through the pandemic and kept hustling and getting things lined up outside of music as he points out with NASCAR and Team Trackhouse. Recently sponsoring Ross Chastain’s car at Dover. Going all the way to No.1 so to speak.

Coming from the 305, the bottom (you can keep the top!) a different breed is this Pitbull. Follow his blueprint and this is how you change the world.

Yo no quiero agua, yo quiero bebida… Translated ‘worldwide’ Pit tells us “I don’t need water, I need a drink, so pass me a bottle and let’s get lit.” I think that’s our cue to grab a bottle of Voli, party again like the nights that we can’t remember with the friends we’ll never forget.  And get high as a MF kite. Because Pit and Zac reminds us that nothin’ Can’t Stop Us Now!

Pitbull calls it the SUMMER anthem. I call it my all year anthem and mantra! Country undertones with added Pitbull magic. Get up, fight, and put that fire in your belly kind of song. Motivational and uplifting – Love it! Available on all platforms here


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