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Welcome On Board Discoteca! Official Video

If you came to drink? Put your Voli – Espanita’s in the air!

And if you came to smoke? Chino, grab some shisha blow it in the air (and then reverse suck it all back in!).

Today saw the release of the official music video of Pitbull and DJ Chino’s party anthem Discoteca.

Directed by visionary genius David Rousseau, the scene starts on ground level as The Most Bad One Shanice places a Country style black hat on Pitbull’s head. Soon as they appear out of a car. But Mr Worldwide is jetting off to ‘Discoteca Country’ not Country.

Upon the jet Pitbull is met with Mr 305 Inc’s Chino, Baddies and other party goers as the count down from the early hours of the morning begin. ‘The Most Winning’ Chino may also be Pitbull’s DJ but tonight has the night off for sure as it starts getting wild onboard. No one is fastening their seatbelts for this one, but simply letting loose. And please do not attempt to help Pitbull while he is drowning in women up there.

We look through the eyes of someone looking outside the cabin window where it is still dark. Just as the jet is about to land. Where the landing lights and lights as dots in residential homes in the distance are blurry and moving around. It’s clear everyone is getting a little fuzzy vision from being tipsy from the high onboard.

The drinks and shenanigans spill over to Spanglish in Miami where the discoteca continues.  The countdown on the clock to the early hours is still running and the vision can still be fuzzy with special effects of what can be described as a fusion reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms, and opposite symmetry effects in motion. Or are we looking through the eyes of the crowd again?

We have the whole Pitbull’s booze catalogue Voli 305, Espanita and Candela making becoming crowd pleasers.

The party bounces from the plane, club to only Pitbull and Chino busting some moves outside the jet. With familiar faces family and friends alike from Pancho, DJ Africa, Iggy Azalea and more. The video also has great snap shots by the Rockstar photographer himself, Greg Watermann.

Ok where’s the next stop and how do I jump on this jet please?


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