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Cosita Linda Captivates!

Even on his 40th birthday, Pitbull is the gift that doesn’t stop giving along with Jen Carlos as they release Cosita Linda through a Billboard Premiere. Jen Carlos and Pitbull are always a winning combination and a personal favourite duo too.

The song is also written by Mr 305 Inc’s Lenier and Chino along with Mauro while the video is directed by David Rousseau.

The opening of the video invites us to walk behind a waitress bringing a bottle of Espanita to join Pitbull’s mesa at La Mesa to meet with Voli 305, Candela and Jennifer Valdes. “Despues del Voli, Espanita shots.” It’s the Pitbull Beverage Portfolio Show and we love it. Pitbull mixes more than his drinks and blends his word-play with “Mami you can play GOALIE, that’s alright. ‘Cause we both know who’s gonna SCORE tonight.”

Flashes of sounds of moaning pleasure, heavy breathing, glimpses of flesh from the beginning and you can already guess what’s coming.

The video focuses on both Jen and Pit working on locking down their desires from any other contenders at the party. Pitbull pins down his a ‘cosita linda’ in the club while Jen Carlos draws one out the crowd and heads over to the beach and it’s “Dale loca quitate la ropa- la cosa esta caliente en esta….” Said by Pitbull, yet it was Jen who it was too hot for and took it outdoors getting up close, stripping off when day turned to night and we have sensual ocean action under the moonlight. (Yes it seems like it’s still caliente and the ropa needs to come off after dark!)

While the others enjoy dancing the night away back at the fiesta back at La Mesa, Miami. Look out for the denim short skimming cheek spin a reminiscent of Kylie’s Spinning around.

Cosita Linda brings some seriously smooth reggaeton and Latin infused beats, a passionate guitar to pluck at those heart strings through the ears and of course the exotic. The video brings all of these elements in, especially taking the exotic to meet the erotic.


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