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Se La Vi to Se La Vo-Li?

How do you take your Voli? On the rocks please! Pitbull, Chino and Papayo’s official Se La Vi video opens with waves on the beach crashing against a bottle of Voli resting on the boulders on the shoreline before Papayo picks it up and curiously takes a closer look (unfazed by the barefaced cheek of the beach bums strutting their bits past.)

But there’s no message in a bottle for Papayo – only a full-blown Pitbull music video with more Voli, The Most Bad Ones and plenty more ladies at 30Sinco, Pitbull’s restaurant in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.

There’s an added dabble of magic with visuals by David Rousseau, the settings are a private party inside 30Sinco, like we’ve possibly never before seen at a real restaurant before! With Baddies and more slithering against the wall, tables and all over Pitbull. Many in masquerade masks with added allure as prominent Voli 305 bottle sits on Pitbull’s table throughout (wait, is it a Se La Vi or Se La Vo-Li ?)

There’s nothing more handy as having your own music video to plug your own products and restaurants while you sing along too.

It’s no secret that Pitbull likes to have fun with three and so we have Baddies Jennifer Valdes, Shanice Fernandez and Natalia Rodela (by the way that was another VERY close one Jenny!) Note that recent David Rousseau videos take the Pitbull and The Most Bad Ones tease a step further to the edge (very ‘Mala!’)

Enter Chino at the bar entertained by another on the bar top.

Pitbull’s jacket and sunglasses are off, and it’s on. Getting more involved with the ladies. Papayo not waiting to miss out on the action gets flirty with a lady or few too.

Butt naked on the beach before waking up like that next to Pitbull and a lot of opportunity for being and getting seen as borracho/a. A Sultry, sensual, come-hither tease of a video – someone pass the Voli over.

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