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Where My Country Girls At?

The new single by Trace Adkins, Pitbull and Luke Bryan is out today and the fellas are asking, Where My Country Girls At?

Moving at a more laid back pace but make no mistake Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and Pitbull are looking for the Country girls that like to dance, drink and swing their jeans to a hillbilly track.

It’s not Pitbull’s first rodeo on this genre but each time Mr Worldwide takes us down another exciting route to Country. Shaking it up and introducing fans to new vibes.

This cowboy jumps into racing cars not horses. With NASCAR as is his chosen ‘horsepower’, Pitbull raps about his latest ventures with Track House. Telling us “I’m at the NASCAR epicenter Daytona 500.”

With a reference to joining Michael Jordan who dipped into NASCAR as part owner of 23XI racing as he raps, “Next to the greatest of all time, baby, MJ (twenty-three.”

But enough of talking about the blokes as Mr Worldwide moves on to his forte the ladies! “Now where my country girls at? With their Daisy Daisy Dukes.”

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