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Que Rica…. Tocame With This Vibe!

Greg Watermann

Although there are no clubs open due to the pandemic, Pitbull, Sak Noel and Salvi’s latest release Que Rica (Tócame) brings the dancefloor banger into our homes. So clear that living room and kitchen space and be ready to vibe with it!

Que Rica (Tócame) feels like Ibiza in July-but in November! A European summer vibe blended with an authentic Spanish guitar that takes the reins, gets us hooked and navigates us through the song. It’s simple, it’s catchy, it’s dance-y, it’s a summer escape in winter, it’s an escape from the current state of the world.

Directed by David Rousseau, the video encourages us to leave our pride behind “y deja el orgullo” and to “T- T- T- Take a couple shots!” out of one of Pitbull’s collection in his drinks portfolio, ‘Candela.’ Encouraging the listener to have a lot of uninhibited fun! Pretty much what Pitbull embodies.

Pitbull tells us about a girl he met at a club, a “Queen that lives like a King.”

But once ‘mamajuana-ed up’ with an added ‘Baddie’ Jennifer Valdes in the mix, Pitbull is soon drowning in seductive women from the club to the pool. Drowning but never out of his depth as they entwine themselves around Mr Worldwide in this vibrant, sensual yet ‘classy debauchery’ filled video.

With Sak Noel and Salvi on the track alongside Mr Worldwide and fixating visuals by David Rousseau, it’s a sizzling recipe for one hot a party banger!

Que RiiCA!

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