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Te Quiero Baby!


I had to write about this one…!

Te Quiero Baby by Chesca and Pitbull bring us a modern day Latin spin on Frankie Valli’s classic I Love You Baby from the 1960’s, through Pitbull’s label Mr 305 Inc and Saban Music Group.

Like the original, the song is simply about love and romance. With added production magic from Jimmy Joker, DJ Chino and Jorge Gomez to this catchy song.

The Video opens with a girl, a young Chesca in the 1960’s adjusting an old television set, as she tries to watch original black and white footage of Frankie Valli while her dad fixes his car. Her father is soon distracted by the song as he tells his daughter to wait/ stop adjusting the set. Letting her know that’s this is song he dedicated to her mother when they met.

The girls dad then gives her an old metal as a present, a vintage carbon microphone. As the girl holds it, she’s instantly thrown into a colourful video or dream of singing with yours truly, Mr Worldwide of course!

From old television sets showing Pitbull and Chesca (you know the ones that you had to get up the sofa and turn the knob as there was no remote control!), a jukebox, carpet of vinyls to vintage cars. After the song is over the story rewinds back to the present as a little Chesca thanks her dad for the microphone, having just seen her future hit with Pitbull!

A vibrant, eye catching video and song that tastefully pays homage to Franki Valli Blending a lot of vintage items from the era of the original song.

Oh loving the red suit Pitbull- nice touch! Romance, red all representing luurve!











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