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‘Backpacks’ Out For Pitbull!

It’s booty ‘backpacks’ everywhere in celebration for the new song and video by TAG (The Anti Group) featuring Pitbull. The song is simple but catchy hook with an infectious dance and electronic infused beat. You can see why Pitbull jumped on this track, with lyrics like “How did you fit in my lap” to “Come put that back(pack) in my lap, come make me happy.” And with that Pitbull brings that raw old school lyrical flow- yes THAT one ladies, you know it!

The video opens by the exit doors of a party no one seems to want to leave. Seductive dancers in red, dark, smoky surroundings.

Later a geek with a real backpack loses his way into the venue and in for a treat of a different kind of ‘backpack.’

Switch Romania to Miami where the rest of the video is taken over by creative mastermind David Rousseau. Pitbull and Shanice Fernandez of The Most Bad Ones invite us to La Mesa where the party continues. Vivacious, vivid, classy but sassy.

Spot the cheeky product placement with Espanita tequila, the brand with whom Mr Worldwide recently partnered up with. From cabinets of bottles to Pitbull helping himself to a glass or three.





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