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Pitbull Unravels More ‘Timeless’ Treasures In Fan Chat


What a day for Pitbull fans!

From his many recent videos, I’m convinced that Pitbull is having a fun  ‘lockdown’ inside SLAM Miami, he was here, there and everywhere yesterday kicking off with celebrating five years of GlobalizationXM with the legendary DJ Laz, joined by celebrities and many other fans via Zoom.

After which I can only imagine Pitbull running from SLAM Radio studio to across the other side of the building, down few flights of stairs and into an office to begin a Live Fan Chat. The Live Fan Chat was Co-hosted with the first person to ever interview him, Bill Teck. Fittingly put by Pitbull as doing the ‘full circle.’ Here we have a mini interview from the fans with the person who interviewed Pitbull first sitting beside him.

Pitbull talked about many things from SLAM, helping out the community through teaming up with Global Entrepreneurship Network and Hello Alice to form to give financial aid for small local businesses. Before moving onto talking to fans.

Without a doubt, we know Pitbull holds his fans very dear yet in these trying times of Covid-19 it can be challenging and isolating to connect and miss feeling that Pitbull love and energy fans get from shows and vice versa receive love, energy and fans also ‘giving everything they got’ to Pitbull. That is until today where a number of fans were able to enter a ‘Town Hall’ area waiting to join a Live video fan chat with Pitbull virtually via Vyulabs and each have the opportunity to ask a him a question.

Vyulabs which allows artists to connect with fans via video chat and stream in Real time across the artists social media networks has proven to be a hit. It’s easy for fans to watch on social media Live, participants to join and a great platform to keep Pitbull and his fans connected to each other. The split screen is also a great built in feature where we can face-forward see reactions of the fan and Pitbull too during the interview. An enjoyable viewing experience for participants and viewers alike.

Pitbull was asked by fans about the inspiration behind I Believe That We Will Win, expansion of ‘arts’ to SLAM. Also about getting back on stage asked by Emily Tudor before The Most Bad One Jennifer Valdes who is also a fan and a champion in inspiring and motivating young minds through her organisation Limitless Legends asks how Pitbull keeps a positive mindset and push forward versus letting it affect you and backing down.


I am also extremely grateful to also have had the opportunity to ask Pitbull what else he has been spending his time doing in lockdown and if we could see new music coming out as a result of the lockdown period.

To which Pitbull responded that he was helping create solutions to a lot of things created by Covid-19 and staying creative. Pitbull also revealed more ‘timeless’ treasures and gifts for the fans ( I think my face in the video said it all!) Pitbull announced exclusively on Live fan chat with myself, that I am now the first to know, that he is in fact working on a new album called Timeless. It’s now about creating timeless music. There will also be a concert streaming Live from SLAM Miami.exif_temp_image

Pitbull…You are really spoiling us but in your words “We luuurve dat!” Thank you.

Mr Worldwide also went onto saying that “It’s about finding the best way to make something out of this situation. While keeping people motivated and inspired.” Coming from a man who made something out of NOTHING, I have every faith Pitbull can make something out of a given situation like this.

A great day for the fans. Hooray for Vyulabs! A fresh, innovative platform keeping fans and Pitbull connected wherever they are in the world. I say DALE to that! And so do many other fans tweeted they would like to see more of this kind of interaction with between Pitbull and his fans.

Before you go and watch the videos, here’s some new Pitbullisms to digest:

“Building the plane while flying.”

“God closes the door and opens a window…with a beautiful view.”



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