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Libertad 548

Pitbull delights fans worldwide with the launch of his 11th Studio album Libertad 548.

Looking outside-in at first glance the cover too is a tribute to Pitbull’s Late father of who Pitbull is a spitting image of in appearance, stature and pose.

As we dig a little deeper and as with his rhymes the cover too has further depth in the title. Libertad 548 translates as

Freedom 548. 548 being the number of people Pitbull’s father brought over to America from Cuba during the refugee era on the boats of El Mariel time leading them to freedom.

‘Winning’ gives us a glimpse of the old school, truth-spitting rhymes of the fight and determination, carrying Miami on his back around the world. With a little Miami Trap here and there.

The album features a wealth of collaborations from Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Ne Yo, old favourites such as Lil’Jon to his very own DJ Chino and Papayo.

A Latin album infused with an explosion of other flavours and old school samplers such as Everybody Everybody by Blackbox blended extremely well into ‘Happy Mama Day’. A personal favourite on the album.

To getting ‘Mala’ with Becky G pushing Dancehall meet Latin taking Beanie Man’s Romie sampler into the mix. Only Mr Worldwide can bring in an old sampler and make it work so well.

‘Muevelo la cintura’ moves it from Latin with Tito El Bambino to sprinkling a little Indian spice over the track with Guru Randhawa.

Many claim it’s Pitbull’s ‘Latin’ or ‘Spanish’ album. Granted. Agree to a degree. I’m going to add that it draws in other genres and samplers as above into the ‘Latin music pot’ which makes the album even more exciting, unique and understanding Spanish irrelevant. The vibe and enjoyment from the music, sounds, Pitbull, collaborators can be felt and you’ll ‘Muevelo la cintura’ in no time. The album includes already released infectious rhythms such as 3 To Tango and No Lo Trates and Tell Me Again with Prince RoooOoYce and Ludacris.

‘Me quedaré contigo’ too Pitbull because you surprise us all the time! What a great album!


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