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Pitbull? Tito El Bambino? El Alfa in one? ‘Imaginate’ THAT!


Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Blend them together and it’s Que Riiico! A new Pitbull, Tito El Bambino and El Alfa release – Imaginate.

The video part recorded in La Romana, Dominican Republic with beautiful aerial views as it leads us to a pool party with Pitbull (who else can get away with wearing a suit by the pool? But it’s not long before the jacket comes off and no sooner in the pool!) IMG_3601with DJ Chino, El Bambino’ and El Alfa, The Most Bad Ones and a couple of hundred other bikini laden models frolicking around. While others get lost in the mansion rolling around on the bed and having pillow fights (the party is OUTSIDE ladies!)

A slower vibe until the beat and video starts stalling, breaking up. Pitbull turns it around and tells them step on the gas. It’s time switch this tune up. speeding up the tempo and BANG we’re in another location.Enter El Alfa. Back to the streets El Alfa joins the party, denim shorts, motorbikes, a mix of vibrant outfits.

For the old school Lil’Chico fans there’s a cheeky nostalgic treat with some El MarielJungle Fever’ rhymes in Spanish where Pitbull drops in “Ni John Lennon se imagína esto” .IMG_3596 Going onto claiming the world as his block, telling haters about themselves with another world play here “Even if I st-st-st-st-st- stutter. I still sh*t on you!” The Pitbull ‘stings’ are sliding back in.

Slow, mellow with uptempo upbeats and Latin rhythms. Added catchy lyrics especially the second part. Enjoyable sharp Pitbull rhymes. While Pitbull, Tito el Bambino and El Alfa are ‘imagining’ being with whoever while I’m imagining a blend of two different infectious songs in one!


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