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3 To Tango & How Pitbull Does Math!


Put your sunglasses down it’s time to tango as Pitbull simultaneously throws in song and video for his latest song, 3 To Tango. A bumper bonus three. Pitbull, music, visuals all at once.

1+1 = 3  is how Pitbull does maths when it comes to the ladies!“I like her and she likes her. We gon’ have a love fest” and you can imagine the rest! Creating a ring of a Ménage et trois, Pitbull  has never held back about having fun with three so it makes sense to me’ how Pitbull steps up the tango and makes the song an intimate dance with three.

“Ladies and ladies, I am your gentleman. I open up double doors Read between the lines (or legs?) and we have cheeky Pitbull mixing chivalry with debauchery.

“A little bit of Erika with extra on the side” Pitbull brings more side chicks and another Cuban legend into the mix with a reference to a song originally by the King of Mambo Perez Prado and later version by Lou Bega.

“My reputation is notorious It ain’t got to be serious” Perhaps just the SIRIUS XM type though hey Pitbull?

Oh! And there’s a way to get Pitbull to do whatever you want, the clue is in the first line of the song.

The video, directed by my favourite Pitbull video director David Rousseau could also be taken as clever subliminal commercial for his vodka Voli 305 and new restaurant and bar iLov305 Ocean Drive where the video is set. A private dance from three while elsewhere The Most Bad Ones in red lingerie leading an army of ladies in black doing the tango their way. Back into iLov305 with a ‘back of the head’ view throughout the video, it looks like Mr Worldwide may be ready to join the ladies for a tango. Think it’s Pitbull? Think again! It’s the king of dance himself who claimed to get inspiration from Pitbull. John Travolta!

An alluring video with a twist! The title of the has tango yet 3 To Tango has a subtle mash up blend of other Latin rhythms. Invoking that urge of wanting to dance however you know how.  A signature Pitbull party tune with a feel good, mood and energy uplifting vibe with a lot of sauce.


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