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Me Que Dare Contigo Video…Freedom, Love, Hope


The day after Halloween and the treats keep coming with Mr Worldwide, as Pitbull releases the video to ‘Me Quedare Contigo’ with Ne-Yo, featuring Lenier and El Micha.

The song is featured in Pitbull’s eleventh studio album Libertad 548 which translates as Freedom 548. 548 being IMG_5497the number of people Pitbull’s father brought over to America from Cuba during the refugee era on the boats of El Mariel time to a destination of freedom.

The video, directed by David Rousseau also reflects freedom and the power of love throughout. From the beginning where Maya Angelou is quoted “Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fence, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope” with a black and white background of immigrants on a boat making their way to a destination looking for hope and freedom. To love itself portrayed predominantly by a sensual barefooted couple in a mansion expressing themselves with fluidity in their movement as they tell us a story IMG_5492of love and connection. Moving elegantly in a fusion of contemporary, ballroom and Latin moves.

Pitbull and Ne-Yo of course move along with other ladies in and around the mansion too.

“My parents were there since day one. That kind of support is what Me Quedaré Contigo (I’ll stay with you) is all about” Pitbull shares a glimpse of what this touching song means to him personally. As the lyrics span out further


telling a story about love, loyalty, stealing all the arrows from Cupid, to wanting kids and the (wedding) ring and giving their hearts. Simply being there through the good and the tough.

A touching and expressive video and song about freedom, hope, love and gratitude with some childhood history of the love from Armando’s parents beautifully told in visuals.








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