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Mr 305-Worldwide has just teamed up with soon to be opened Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando and created a unique signature, and appropriately named simply as ‘Mango’s’ Voli Vodka with a blend of coconut and of course, mango! In line with the original Mango’s 25th anniversary. That’s quarter of a century established, congratulations Mango’s South Beach.

It was only a matter of time before we saw a three-way marriage (even though Mr Worldwide calls it a ‘slip’) between Pitbull, his own vodka and favourite hangout on Ocean Drive. We know how Pitbull likes to have ‘fun with two’ and starts by introducing Mango’s Voli Vodka with the third party in the wedlock – Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando.

The design of the new bottle itself reflects copious amounts of what I, as a fan of all three, perceive that brand Mango, Pitbull and Voli represent together and how they compliment each other as a team. That is fun, sexiness, great quality, party central, fantastic entertainment and pure enjoyment!

FIVE things that excite me about this:

1) Mango’s Tropical Cafe Miami is a personal favourite spot during Miami visits and I’m glad the new Voli Vodka will also available in Pitbull’s home town.

2) Voli Vodka gives me one of the nicest most refreshing, lightest and taste-bud tantilising experience of enjoying vodka! 

3) Anything with mango and coconut? I’m there quicker than you can say “Dale!”

4) Following the images of the progress and development of Mango’s Orlando. It’s always been on the radar to visit and with it’s new Pitbull ‘Mango’s’ Voli Vodka it’s more than a bonus!

5) The impressive bottle design is vibrant and represents all that Pitbull, Voli and Mango’s are – now THAT itself is exciting!

By the way Mango’s Miami I have already added it to the menu, I hope you don’t mind! (see image) Everyone else get into the spirit of the new Voli and Mango’s in the clip below and be sure to check out the links. Thank you.

Thanks to Voli Vodka and Mango’s (Brian Martin) for the images. Reposts/images and thanks also include Antonio Laracuente, Joshua Wallack, Craig Kodish, Michael Calderon and Greg Watermann

Keep up to date with Mango’s and Voli Vodka below: (Over 21 only)

@mangosorlando  See how Mango’s Orlando is coming along in pictures

LIVE Voli Vodka Contest Pitbull Fan Unleashed March 2015

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