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It was only a matter of time before we had an album by Pitbull named under his signature phrase. However this is no ordinary album, it’s a global movement and it’s moved fans around the world by coming alive way before the 17th of July.

There’s always excitement around a new Pitbull release but this time Mr Worldwide and Team Pitbull took teasing fans to another level with some ingenious marketing by themselves and getting fans happily involved in carrying some of this too. 

Announcing the release date on Facebook and bringing the album alive with its own personality, the album also has a voice. It has its own website designed by Monkey Pig Inc, and even has an Instagram account. It has its own Twitter. It has Pitbull AND other HOT artists too. Warming up the fans with video teasers getting fans not only excited but also even more engaged by drawing out those creative ‘Pit-Picassos’ amongst us to create images and promote the album through the  #DaleFanArt promo. All of this all before the album was even officially ‘born’. In addition to this, we also have a Q&A with Pitbull fans on Spotify followed by a Night in the 305 at Fontaine Bleu all on the same night – Can’t stop won’t stop Pitbull.

Working from the outside in, the majority of the album artwork is brought to us courtesy of our one and only favourite Rock Star photographer Greg Watermann and it’s good to see clear visual credits of all those in Team Pitbull and Mr 305 Inc., most familiar names and other just as hard working heroes behind the scenes involved in bringing us this Dale-licious album.

Dale the album prepared us for what was about to come long before the launch date and it certainly did not disappoint. Pitbull’s second Spanish album features a medley of talented and accomplished artists both in and outside of the Mr 305 Inc. family. In a twist of old school Pitbull lyrics I say ‘..And if you don’t speak Spanish? Ay mi madre! by the end of this album Pitbull will put the Spanish in you!’

Album kicks off with Mr 305 Inc. in full force Piensas (Dile la Verdad) feat. Gente de Zona and Como Yo Le Doy feat. Don Miguelo (see links below for single reviews for both)

Baddest Girl in Town was released earlier around his fiercest, classiest dancers the Most Bad Ones featuring Mohombi and Wisin. We all know Pitbull likes an 80’s throwback and although this doesn’t sound anything from that era, however as Mohombi kicks into the chorus singing “The Most Baddest Girl in town..” emphasis on the “Baddest” under the layers you can hear echoes of Michael Jackson. Not because of its title but the style in which Mohombi owns the vocals in this part in particular. 

A member of the gorgeous Most Bad Ones were releasing individual sexy images of themselves in turn and on a daily basis standing against a giant gold letter belonging to abbreviations of its title BGIT, captivating and stirring up curiosity with ‘what they knew that we didn’t?’ before revealing all the letters and the full title and release of the song as a promotional single. Very, very catchy and captivating. The saxophone and hook will be playing in your head long after the song has stopped playing and includes Jorge Gomez (Georgie!) From the Agents on the producers credits.

Usually Pitbull brings his party songs with the bass and treble blowing up the tweeters in your speakers from the heart of the party in full swing. El Party feels more like a pre- warm up of the party getting the #PitbullGirls and #Worldwiders ready for what’s about the come- the quiet before the party storm!

It’s great to see some favourite Sensato collaborations on the album such as Que Lo Que remix turned up a notch with the Agents percussionist Papayo and El Chevo as well as El Taxi with (whisper it now) Osmani Garcia which was also previously released as a single stirring up island vibes with reggae fusion mixed in with samplers from Chaka Demus and Pliers ‘Murder She Wrote’ from the 90’s with an updated Latin twist.

Mami Mami features Mr 305 Inc’s very own fireball, Fuego, another great reggaeton vibe gets your slo-mo perrea on in no time. Hip poppin’ in between the synth and ‘finger-clicking’ breaks! Subelo DJ!

Mr Worldwide and Osmani Garcia takes it to Miami Beach with Chi Chi Bon Bon
She’s alone (and she’s ‘plural’ Worldwide from Cuba to Puerto Rico), inviting Pitbull to the bathroom and more, but why? Porque ella quiere que le toque el chi chi bon bon! Fresh, catchy and invigorating!

Put your hands up to the wind and enjoy the Latin poppy vibe of Haciendo Ruido with Ricky Martin and Armandito. Another cheerful and breezy track.

Hoy Se Bebe featuring Farruko instantly gave goose bumps. Another worldwide appeal song wherever you are from full of rhythmic vigour.

Back to the 80’s we have No Puedo Mas with Yandel. Samplers and translations taken from British (flying the flag there) Don’t you Want Me by Human League adding a touch of synth-pop, and new wave as it was known then, to the album. A very, very, very good Latin version. 

Pitbull has outdone himself in this album. Be prepared to give that booty a good work out with the infectious, energetic hip shaking Latin rhythms packed in this great album with Pitbull’s very own DJ Chino and Agent, Jorge Gomez production all over it. Guaranteed to leave that feel good vibe lingering for hours. The album gives you inside what it says on the outside of the cover. Distrutando (Enjoying) Armando (Armando!) Locuras (Craziness) Etc ( Et cetera!) 

Congratulations and thank you Pitbull and all of Team Pitbull for the booty ache face and ache given to me by smiling wide and jiggling right through the whole album. Thank you for a wonderful album full of talented artists, producers and endless songs with endless enjoyability! 

On that note – I’m off to D.A.L.E! with it more. Check out the links below for more Fan Art from some of the Pitbull Girls and Greg Waterman images ( thanks to those who sent them to share)



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