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From singing about Rebelution’ to creating a Revolution! Pitbull just took the glitz of dropping the ball by taking chunks out of the Big Apple and taking the party to the pineapple, his home town Miami, and then blasting it all over your TV channels.

Fox goes in full force to provide the best party on screen and at the same time give itself the best advantage of winning the New Years Eve ratings war. Dare I say it, quite possibly opening up opportunities for themselves to sell even higher premium ad and sponsorship space justified by getting the hottest artist and party starter on the globe on boardPitbull will host Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution which will air at 8pm on New Year’s Eve. The show will be live andfeature live music and performances by talented artists. Fox will be bringing Pit onto your screens along with Mr Worldwide’s own production company Honey I’m Home (three words most women long to hear him say!) and Endemol.

Yet another strategic and innovative move towards further global domination Pitbull, Can’t stop, won’t stop, there is no stopping him now.
Staying in has just become the new going out. Tune in and remember, whatever happened in Miami never happened, that’s the party rule. Pitbull’s rule!
Dale EeeYAW!

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