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It’s no wonder Becky G ‘Can’t Get Enough’ – Pitbull is very present on the video of this great upbeat song.

Signed to Dr Luke, another genius that is no stranger to Pitbull fans, rising teen star Becky G releases the video to Can’t Get Enough on Vevo.

Although Pitbull has that power to pull off many daring suit colours and combinations, standing amongst anything floral or related greenery as a background is not something I would have ever envisioned. However, it seems ‘appropriate’ for the teen video (please don’t wear a floral suit though Pit, -ever!) The video is quite clean cut and no butt or cleavage in your face, which is unusual for Mr Worldwide videos. But we understand ‘worldwide’ also means ‘genre-wide’ in Pitbull language. Reaching and mindful of certain audiences.

Happy, enjoyable, upbeat, clean yet still got that added ‘fuego fuego!’ element. Becky G’s style and distinctive vocals are catchy.  Not come across a female rapper that gives off a ‘vibe’ hovering around similar to Pitbull, I sense a little glimpse of that in a young Becky G but in an innocent context yet with the same attitude and play with the camera and in parts of the verses. Got a feeling that ‘Becky to the G’ music is one to watch and going to be even bigger..

Dale EeeeYAW!

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