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“Turn Down For WHAAAAAT?” In the style of ‘pequeño Juan’ would be my question precisely! Pump that tune right up.
No it’s not brand new but to the remix collection it’s another ‘New Edition – not talking Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike.. ‘ but DJ Snake blowing up your tweeters with Pitty, Lil’Jon and LuuuDA!

“If you know the old Pit then you’ll know what I mean” the vibe, sound, flow…Turn this thing up. A heavy hip hop head boppin remix whether you’re on the dancefloor or clutching at your drink by the bar, whatever you’re doing it’s going to make you move.
Lil’Jon and Pitbull -old or new, the collaboration is always a treat to us original old school Pit fans that didnt get outgrown and continue to grow with Mr Worldwide.
Dale eeeYAW!

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