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It’s going down! Those party animals Mr Worldwide and Kesha have hit the number one spot in the UK iTunes chart with Timber! Knocking off Pharrell Williams from the top spot  (he can’t be too ‘happy’ about that!)

Timber was only available here since midnight Saturday 27th December and by the looks of it I wasn’t the only one in the UK sitting anxiously in front of my laptop waiting to download the track. 

Pitbull’s ‘Give me everything’ was also a number one hit here in the UK. 
One more shot and another round let’s hang on that little bit more until the end of the week and hopefully get that first number one for 2014 in the UK number one chart!

No idea if you’re going to see this but here goes…Congratulations Pitbull we love you! Lots of love, me and the rest of your fans in the UK – we got you! Always! Dale!

Pitbull Timber first 2014 number one..I’ll drink to that, Voli? -Order me another round, homie!

EeeYAW! or YeeHAW!

SeRina -Pitbull Fan Unleashed


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