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Jimmy Fallon Gets All Pitbull On Us !

Jimmy Fallon created a festive compilation album sketch of a seasonal Now Thats What I Call Christmas on Saturday Night Live. Amongst impressions of artists such as Michael Buble ( over pronouncing all of the words!), and a great one of Guns and Roses there was also an impersonation of our very own Pitbull. Kitted out in a white suit and blue shirt. A close match to Mr 303-Worldwide’s gravel-like vocal opened up singing “Santa’s in Miami” to I Know You Want Me. The sketch was quite impressive, funny and even had a collab with a fake Shakira. We even had the double kisses on the index and middle finger at the end!

Just goes to show, the best was left until the last where we had the the ultimate GOD of partying. Pitbull. All good fun and even Pitbull joked that Jimmy Fallon looked great bald in a Tweet.  Just one flaw – the dance moves!

Hilarious! Wish it lasted longer!

Dale EeeeYAW!

Serina-Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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