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Stay buckled up, those freaks are at it again! Pitbull and Enrique serve us another higher dose of their brand of freakism 

Produced by the Cateracs (it’s the Cateracs!) Pitbull is reported to have described I’m A Freak as having an ‘off the chain’ house party sound. 

Feel good, playful, sexy and I particularly love the way the piano brings in Pitbull at the beginning and maintains the same key pattern and stands out dominantly throughout the song 

These freaks don’t mince their words and tell us how it is with ‘inviting’ lyrics (no complaints from me!)  At one point Pitbull says “You know I lick/leak it and do the things that make you explode” POW! Enrique gives us his usual style of sex-on-song lyrics with his ‘one track mind’

A Pitbull and Enrique combination is always a smash hit. Musically and visually!  Teasers of the video for the song had me in stitches of laughter. Can’t wait for the official release of both. 

Piano- check
Dancability -check
Sexy lyrics – check
X2 Freaks- check
Smash hit material -check

Dale EeeeYAW!

Serina -Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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