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Holly misses concert to bring Skylar-Rose Dowell into the world – Pitbull’s biggest baby fan!

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Imagine the excitement of knowing that you are going to see Pitbull for the very first time in concert only a week away and soon after that looking forward to giving birth to a beautiful baby (fella’s you can try and pretend the latter!). In that order precisely. Now imagine if it happened the other way around and you had to miss the concert! This is exactly what happened to Holly Dowell from Australia.
Holly has been a huge fan of Pitbull for many years and was looking forward to catching Mr Worldwide in action. Is it possible that the thought of seeing Pitbull in concert for the very first time could have been enough excitement to go into labour earlier than expected? And giving birth to gorgeous baby Skylar-Rose Dowell. Maybe we should forget about tried and tested labour inducing techniques and plug into listening to Pitbull instead?
It could also be that Holly has stumbled upon a remedy to ease morning sickness, that is Pitbull’s music!  Holly says that when the effects of morning sickness kicked in she would lie down and listen to his music which would help. When Holly noticed that baby was unsettled in the womb, listening to Pitbull would relax mother and baby and both would be a lot calmer very quickly! Along with this fact, it became a family joke that Holly’s baby would be born dancing along to Pitbull in the labour room  (Cue: Hey Baby, Baby la-la-la-la-la-la-laa?) 
Today, Skylar-Rose is ten months old and much like her mother is a dedicated Pitbull fan, and was a fan before she even arrived to meet the rest of the world! Perhaps Skylar-Rose rushed to get here as if to say “Mother how dare you go to see Pitbull without me!” Holly plays Pitbull in the car to settle Skylar-Rose on long trips and she falls asleep instantly into deep sleep. But still tuned into Pitbull enough to wake up crying if you dare change the music or turn it off.  Skylar-Rose is also happiest bopping her head along to ‘Back In Time’ and risks something close to baby-whiplash whilst watching Pitbull’s video clips.  Skylar-Rose is aware of Pitbull from before she was even born, his music, his voice, leading mummy Holly to joke with her that Pitbull is secretly her father as she loves and recognises him so much from an early age. It is fair to say that baby Skylar-Rose is one of Pitbull’s biggest, loyal, youngest yet oldest fans starting from pre-birth.
By looking at Holly and Skylar-Rose’s story, Pitbull, there may even be new, crazy, ‘outside the box’ business opportunities in the mommy market! Labour inducing approaches, morning sickness after-effect remedies, special edition CD with selected Pitbull tunes to settle babies and lullaby them to sleep and also quite the opposite, Pitbull Baby Road Trip in-car selection of tunes to keep the little ones entertained and maybe even audio/video storytelling books for toddlers because we all know your voice and energy stops us in our tracks, whatever age you are!  When you get a chance please could you also get yourself down under to Australia soon as possible. Holly refuses to get pregnant the second time round until she has seen you live in concert, just in case!
Dale …EeeeYAW! 
By Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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