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IT’S PitEpic!!!

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The ‘epic’ wait is finally over! The highly anticipated fantastical animated movie featuring our very own Pitbull making his debut on the big screen as Bufo the frog is currently well underway! Hopefully everyone has seen Epic by now? But if you haven’t then don’t worry, I promise not to spoil anything for you!
EPIC is a story based on The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce. In a nutshell, the animated adventure is a story about a “battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and evil.” Where a young girl by the name of Mary Katherine (M.K!) finds herself transported into a secret miniature world she believed did not exist where she is involved in helping a team of characters to save the forest world. The film is directed by Chris Wedge who also directed Ice Age. This magical film awakens your inner child with the storyline and characters whilst the striking graphics jump out from the screen, grab you back into it and whisk you away on an exciting three dimensional ride zooming in and around the forest, most probably on the back of a Kingfisher-like bird! It is a lovely family film where all can enjoy and not just us fans that are Pitbull crazy (instead you can also get your whole family tree into watching the adventures of the forest with our favourite frog!). With plenty of amusing dialogues along with some serious and ouch moments, it is a delight to watch and even more delightful as you can feel your face light up and smile reaching from ear to ear the moment Bufo arrives on screen.
Bufo is a witty and smart frog who also comes with words of wisdom highlighting the importance of working together “It’s called teamwork” Dressed very appropriately in line with Pitbull’s wardrobe in something close to a suit for frogs. It’s amazing how you can see some of Pitbull’s cheeky mannerisms, business and hustling elements in the character too.
The story is a battle between good and bad. Stretch your imagination a little further and think of the ways in which Pitbull has gone about his career the way he carries himself, this ethics and beliefs the good way as he travels through the industry where the devil knows he “…ain’t got no number” and a reminder of why they call him Mr Worldwide as he “learnt from the best, stayed away from the worst” and turned his life from “ negative to positive” by choosing the good side of not only the choices in life but also the ‘unsaid’ battle deep down in the forest of the music industry by doing things the good way and without getting burnt and being a prime focus under the radar of the baddies!
It a recent Planet Pit feature where Pitbull discusses his movie, Pitbull let’s us know that he can’t wait for his kids to watch it and hear his voice, see their faces when they realise its really their daddy. I have to say Pitbull, you should also expect a load of your other Big Kid Fans like myself to be mesmerised by the sounds of your attention grabbing tones and script. A voice nicely matched to the character. Pitbull also indicated in another promotional interview that it was a “Great learning experience just to see something that how you’re recording and how you take your emotion and bring it to life” Whilst also finding it an honour to be amongst other great stars such as Colin Farrell and also Beyonce with a thought linked to a lyric belonging to the Queen Bey’s husband Jay-Z “We ain’t even supposed to be here.”  You can see his delight, humbleness and appreciation of this opportunity. Nothing taken for granted. Absolutely nothing. Amazing how sometimes we can time to time see the child coming out in Pitbull too and not just things around Epic. Keep a look out and you will see…
Pitbull, I think we can all agree that you really are a very good looking frog indeed and a relief to know you Don’t Stop the Party in the forest and are not a ‘pooper of parties’ there.
Epic was a pleasure to watch and even more enjoyable to see how Pitbull brings the character of Bufo to life and making me feel like a big kid and escaping into child like limitless imagination again. Just what we all need from time to time, it’s no fun being a grown up all the time!
I have one more question in mind, just like in the fairytales do you think perhaps if there was a scene at the end where Bufo the frog was to be given a kiss by a suitable queen or princess like character, would he then turn into Prince Pitbull and begin a whole new sequel adventure and take this plot to knock onto another great animated film the Adventures of Pitbull … Let’s take that thought and run with our imaginations again! Thanks Pitbull. Enjoyable watching. Although Pitbull has associations in the past with films such as Fast and Furious 4 and 5, Hangover 2 and Back in Time 3 it feels like there will be a further and stronger string of films for Mr World Wide on the horizon whether they are soundtrack or acting/character associations (Anyone else hear We Run The Night with Pitbull and Havana Brown in the promo of The Smurfs out soon?)
  “The magic of Pitbull…you can feel it. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there…Dale!”
 Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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