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Are You JUMPIN’ To This?

They came to get down and get the world jumpin’ again.

The Lil’ duo Lil Chico Pitbull and Lil Jon are back with new track Jumpin, as premiered on the Latin AMA’s. A modern day take on House of Pain’s 1992 anthem Jump Around, which storms straight to the middle of the dance floor.

There’s a more consistent pattern recently as Pit refurbishes iconic tracks from the 80-90’s pretty much in a short space (It Takes Three). Women, ass, booze, personal wealth, party, the ladies that don’t make it clap but make it jump instead! A Pitbull party anthem recipe.

Listen out for a nod to his mentor that took a chance on Pitbull in his early career. Teaching him how to also dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the business world “I was raised by (Uncle) Luke, so go and raise the roof.”

“‘93 it was all a dream” Marking Notorious Big’s aspirations running parallel with Mr Wordwide’s in the same era.

Come get wild in the House of Pit. They told us Pitbull and Lil Jon about to get the world jumpin again. The question is, did it get you jumpin?

Available for purchase and streaming in all major platforms.

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