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The Most ‘Mala Ones!’ Mala Remix Video!

Mala remix video featuring Becky G and De La Ghetto premiered today on MTV Live, MTV TR3S and MTVU today. Taking the meaning of ‘mala’ to the next level!

Just call them The Most Mala Ones! The Most Bad Ones just walk all over Pitbull. Quite literally on a bar top (I was expecting a Coyote Ugly kind of show when the the ladies first stepped up).

The ladies in tight sultry dresses, trail over a horizontal Pitbull on the bar in their heels one by one. Ever the gentleman, Pitbull isn’t tempted to look up their dresses as they pass over him, but look straight into the camera. Those stilettos must have hurt though! Ouch!

Shanice Fernandez performs poses from ‘Timber’ going all “face down, booty up” on the bar while Jennifer Valdes crouches closer than ever on Mr Worldwide. The Most Bad Ones are taking it up a notch and getting ‘badder’!

With a fully Voli and Espanita tequila stacked bar behind, the party moves onto getting ‘mala’ in the booths and the bathroom.

Becky G going from devil red to angel white outfits and cue a stripper pole while De La Ghetto entertaining the ladies in front of a vintage car.

Magic sprinkled upon by Jimmy Joker with a touch of DJ Chino in the remix song. Directed by Bobby Viera and also David Rousseau- who takes us from the bar to the bathroom scenes in this cheeky video.

Click on Pitbull on the bar above to watch the Mala remix video.

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