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Mueve La Cintura Video Keeps Those Hips Moving Round The Clock!


Mueve La Cintura! – That’s exactly what we will be doing after watching the new Pitbull video featuring Tito El Bambino and Guru Randhawa.

The video opens with ‘The Chico, the Bambino and the Guru’ taking us through a combination of a beach, party, bright blue skies and party goers.

The hips don’t lie and neither do they stop moving as without any warning a colourful beach blue sky turns into a blackout, leaving the viewer wondering “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?”

Just as our eyes have settled into the current theme, we’re abruptly introduced to the dark night. Black and white flashes of the ocean. ‘Baddies’ Jennifer Valdes, Natalie Rodela and Shanice Fernandez are still going with a great shot of only their feet and calves meeting the waves crashing against the shore. As they continue to revel in the water as both legs kneel, slither and dance seductively teasing the camera with their body and eyes.PHOTO-2020-06-08-15-53-07

Everyone caught up? Good! But as we’ve just worked out what’s going, we’re met by yet another welcomed assault to our visual senses as dark turns to flashes of light as Pitbull, Tito and Guru dance around a beach bonfire with The Most Bad Ones still going strong (cue costume change for all again but keep those sun glasses on fellas!)

Keep those day and night vision goggles on to catch a glimpse of Jorge, DJ Chino and Papayo.

The video to Mueve La Cintura from Pitbull’s latest and Latin album Libertad 548, is directed by David Rousseau. Captivating and provocative throughout as it takes us on a round the clock party with sensual allure associated with water and fire. It’s a mesmerising watch!

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