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Here Comes The ‘Worldwide Hotstepper’ With Static & Ben El – Further Up!

Excuse me Mr DJ! Here comes the ‘worldwide hotstepper’ all over this catchy track.

Static & Ben El dropped their new song Further Up with Pitbull. Mr Worldwide who is always going back then bringing it forward to the present with a fresh vibe and this time with the Israeli pop duo in tow as they do justice to the 90’s Ini Kamoze’s hit ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper’

A song alone is not enough, a bonus release came with the song. That is the official video with The Most Bad Ones doing their thing with a million other party goers and bright lights while the fellas entertain us.

Can’t stop, won’t stop just like Diddy, Pitbull with the same work and hustle ethic drop it in the lyrics too.

Another ‘na na na na’ Na I just can’t get it out of my head kind of tune and probably spread further out to dance floors around the globe. Oozing Pitbull ‘music values’ of party, international and fun appeal for some escapism from life!





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