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A ‘Greatest Hits’ album typically consists of  old reasonably ‘aged’ songs. Yet this Bad Man made his own ‘playbook with no rules in it’ and switched that up by adding fairly new Jungle and then Locas – another upbeat song with a collaboration with Lil’ Jon to long standing fans delight.

The album consists of a thank you message to his family, friends, Team Pitbull, Board of Directors and the fans. A message beautifully entwined with his original accomplished seven year plan and beyond. Along with credits to producers, photography and more (see image below)
Some may argue that it’s an ‘unfinished’ Greatest Hits album as there are so many iconic great hits spinning back to the M.I.A.M.I and Rebelution era in particular, another side may point out that the Greatest Hits album speaks to a broader and ‘party fuelled’ audience. Either way it’s packed with hit after hit to dance down memory lane. Greatest Hits? Pitbull Greatest Party Anthem Hits! Dale!

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