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BOOM! That’s just how Jungle by Pitbull and Stereotype Ft. E-40 & Abraham Mateo smacked me on the first few bars. Now move on over Bruno Mars ( that’s the rhyme I’m making up and going on with this one!)

I was going to wait until Pitbull’s upcoming album the Greatest Hits release on December the 1st before I open my cake hole but oh well, it’s too good to hold off on!

A very meaty funky, R’n’B, a little hiphoppy track.

The Devil knows Pitbull has got no number from We Run The Night and now Mr Worldwide is telling everyone he is way hotter than the man in horns too.

A justified stab at rappers ‘empty’ lyrics with no substance let alone style (or all fur coat and no knickers as the phrase goes here in England) Pitbull knows what he is talking about in his rhymes.
Talk about it be about it and do things to add value to the community and create opportunities for education through building SLAM schools. With that said, one of my favourite lyric stings is “Yeah, these boys rap but they say a whole lot of nada, Me, I’m building schools from Miami to Nevada”

Pitbull calls Miami the ‘pineapple’ and looking at the attention grabbing single cover design we can certainly see where he likes to strategically place the pineapple or interpret it as eating it from the roota to the toota, no we’re not just talking pineapples but it just got a little fruitier as Mr Education still wants to ‘school ya’ with his manhood (that’s a rare reference these days!) reference to it being probably as straight up measured in inches like a ruler “I’m sick Pit ruler, let a slip d*ck through ya” and without mincing any words “Who the who, who the what, who’s f**king you. That would be me, P-I-T”

Abraham Mateo kills it on the chorus to encourage you to kick in that animal instinct and not be afraid to behave like one and shake what your mama gave you

E-40 says “Now if you came with your man, leave him over there” then that is exactly what Pitbull Girls need to do!

A great combination of collaborators that really complement each other on this great song.
If you don’t want to get up and dance soon as the beat kicks in, well then there’s something wrong with you, now get up and shake what your mama gave you!


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