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Still making history and still receiving ‘first ever’ awards. There probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house and behind the TV screens (mine included) for the build up to Pitbull’s performance with history of his career and again when Pitbull made his acceptance speech at being awarded the first ever Latin AMA Dick Clark Achievement Award. An award that recognises not only the dedication to music by an artist but also the manner in which they use their position to positively influence and inspire those in need and see the bigger picture that comes with a sense of ‘social responsibility’ that comes with fame and fortune. That is not visible to all in a similar position. 

Who better to present the award than Mr Worldwide’s serial partner in rhyme Enrique Iglesias. Congratulations Armando on receiving this award and all that you do to for the community and inspiration, motivation, leading by example in all contexts and the nature of which cascades over to fandom.

Pitbull performed a bumper pack of old and new songs including Don’t Stop The Party and a sneaky peaky at Boom Boom Muevelo (Boom Boom! Dale mamacita!) which I can’t wait to hear the rest of. It may be near Halloween but there were no tricks just treats as Pitbull and Fifth Harmony thrilled us with the premiere of the brand new sizzler Por Favor. Without further ado let’s get our teeth stuck into the new song!

Locked in from the intro with the strings plucking away throughout. Por Favor is a sultry, sexy, Spanglish sizzler with a ‘get in your head’ kind of rhythm. Even if you don’t know Spanish, as Pitbull has said in the old school days, Pitbull will ‘put the Spanish in you’ along with Fifth Harmony with ‘Por Favor’ and a chorus that anyone can join in and understand.

Call him Mr Education or call him Mr Crazy Sexy Cool (even beautiful, sexy, sophisticated!) Pitbull slips in another homage to TLC again and seems like Mr Worldwide is having a ‘Good Time’ on this track too as he opens up with “I already seen you, mami, need a TLC (yeah), And I ain’t too proud to
beg just like TLC” Seeing another side in his rhymes of rather than HIM being in control and what he will do to being the one begging what and how he wants it done to him with “Por favor, mami, me lo merezco, pretty, please” How the power switches, and then back again. Always the gentleman with please and thank you, Armando Bond shows good manners don’t cost a thing and conversely it can sway him to do anything if you say Por Favor. 

A bit of French kissing, bit of Paris, more innuendo’s 

Pitbull fans, ven aqui! Without ANY spoilers on the emotional and moving MUST WATCH acceptance speech and Por Favor debut below (Telmundo). Loving the suit jacket Pitbull by the way!

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