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Hey Ma! Did you the English song and video is out?

Camila Cabello, J Balvin join Pitbull again for the latest English Hey Ma song and video version of The Fate of the Furious directed by Gil Green.

Camila goes through the side streets walking with conviction, sass and sexily shrugging off male attention as she gets to where the street racing begins with Vin Diesel (well it is from a high speed themed car movie with scenes in Havana, Cuba!) and meets up with J Balvin ready in his colourful shirt and matching hair streaks!

The scene is Cuba but to those of us 305-familiar, it’s instantly recognisable as the vibrant Espaniola Way meets Havana.

Still on the Cuban vibe as DJ Chino enjoys a game of dominoes with J Balvin and Jorge enjoying cigar, the boss rocks up soon enough in a flashy white sports car. Navy blue shirt, brown belt complimented by the same colour button details on Pitbull’s crisp white blazer with a matching blue hankie peeking through the top side pocket. With his signature sunglasses, this is going on the list of one of my top Pitbull looks and favourite Pitbull videos to date.

Camila carries on teasing how she might stay and enter The Most Bad Ones stopping the traffic and cars with their stunning casual yet sexy Cuban outfits and tight dance moves circling Mr Worldwide who joins in with the drop-down-side stepping salsa moves. I cannot stress how much I admire these talented beautiful ladies!

“Papi te necesito” Pitbull shuts it down and tells the lady exactly what she’s thinking as J Balvin, Camila Cabello and Mr Worldwide take us through the same softly lit street as night dawns, a quick change of outfits for the trio and maybe into a little side area.

Fiery, sexy, spicy, vibrant and fierce yet feel good video-dare you not to catch the Cuban flavour, sing the chorus for at least 10min after the video has finished or mimic the moves!


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