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What better way to start a party with Pitbull than a few a warm up parties! Firstly, thank you to Mango’s South Beach for a wonderful experience and taking on the Pitbull Girls and Angel Rodriguez and Alejandro Brooks for joining us. It was an honour to met you both. A very special thank you to Michelle Dennis who threw a great party for us Pitbull Girls with so much love, great food and a themed black and white party and also a huge thank you to Voli 305 Vodka Who surprised us all by sending some goodies for the event.
All aboard the cruise and where to begin! Here goes and in no particular order. It was non-stop, fun, intensive, jam packed on board shows, activities that ran such high energy and Stirrup Cay was party filled yet so breathtaking. I really did have the time of my life. My feet did not touch the ground for those three days but every day above the ground and water is a great day, right Pitbull?
Having boarded the Norwegian Pearl, there was Pitbull music in the hallways. Pitbull everywhere right down to the detail on the serviettes printed ‘Pitbull After Dark Party’. The elevators had touch screens with the latest schedules of the day and how to get to the venue which was really helpful. As were daily paper schedules left by each guest room and the frequent announcements by Sixthman Jayne on upcoming events and any changes which were communicated well throughout the cruise. 
Guests were also given a signed Pitbull After Dark photo, wristband, and a special Pitbull After Dark portable phone charger (so thoughtful with phones running out of juice with all the events, thank you!)
Having settled in and on the pool deck waiting for Pitbull for the Voli Sail Away Toast, I took a moment to look around. I saw children, men, women, teenagers, all ages and backgrounds to fans in their 70’s and above. With a very special fan who was celebrating her 80th birthday Margarita on board and for whom Pitbull got the crowd to sing happy birthday at a show later on. You’re never too young or too old for Pitbull. If you’re boxed into listening to a particular genre then Mr Worldwide will draw you out of that and make you genre-less and introduce you to a whole new ‘boxless’ world of music. I hear it, I know it but today I saw with my very own eyes proof of how Pitbull’s music brings people of all ages, backgrounds, walks of life and places in the world together to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful man and his music.
As we all waited for Pitbull on the pool deck we drank, danced to Big Syphe and Laz spinning the crowds wild with the mixes and absorbed the electric atmosphere, met and mingled with new people amongst us until the legendary DJ Laz gets the crowds attention, getting us ready to party with Mr Worldwide with a reminder of what happens on the ship never happened! Shots of Voli 305 Vodka were passed around the crowd ready to take with Pitbull as Laz says “I’m bringing my nephew out here” Just before Pitbull bursts on stage like a fireball of energy.
Pitbull grateful as ever gives two key stories firstly a message to the crowds with a thanks to all and appreciating everyone on the ship. Showing a lot of love to the people Pitbull owes his career and life to such as DJ Laz, DJ Syphe, DJ Chino his dog Mike (C) and all of the Team Pitbull. Going on to acknowledge the fans “I owe it all to you guys and we really appreciate it”
The second story, Pitbull goes on how “My father brought three boats in El Mariel. 547 people so to be able to be a first generation Cuban-American who’s father brought over boats in El Mariel and to be able to be on this ship tonight it means the world to me. Thank you so much”
Pitbull was honest, communicated whole heartedly to the fans and said that the show may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but also said there will be no bad news on the ship and with that said Pitbull got the party started and instructed the crowd to take a shot together, pulled out a the stylish new a bottle of Voli 305, took one long swig straight from the bottle as the rest of the crowd took their shot in sync.  What a moment!
Over the two days we were spoiled with two spectacular Pitbull concerts. One on Saturday evening ‘After Dark’ of course! And another rescheduled on Sunday afternoon. A #PitbullGirls pillow case thrown on stage, Mr Worldwide’s DNA wiped on and thrown right back at the girls! Gracias! A surreal and euphoric experience overall. Mr Worldwide concerts on a moving ship, on a pool deck, in the middle of the ocean, open air. No it wasn’t a dream. Pitbull, the stunning and talented Most Bad Ones, DJ Chino, The Agents gave us all they got each and every time and believe me it can’t have been a breeze in that outdoor heat.
Pitbull drove the crowd into hysteria, or should I say Pitsteria, with songs such as Fireball, El Taxi, Feel This Moment, Give Me Everything, Don’t Stop The Party, Echa Pa’lla, Fireball, FUN, International Love and more including my all time favourite and nostalgic Culo which takes me back to the moment I first discovered Pitbull music all those years ago. On or off a ship, Pitbull runs a tight ship so no spoilers on unreleased songs on Climate Change at that time.
In between song breaks thanking the fans, emphasising his belief that music is a universal language that brings people together and fortunate to see this first hand, how everyone has or had their own s*** to deal with including himself but one thing that made them happy growing up was music. That was their escape. 
Fans from all over the world such as the UK (myself), Japan, Australia, Scotland from all corners of the United States. All united on one ship for the love and music of one man. Pitbull.
I have always believed, unbiasedly that Pitbull does have THE best dancers. The Most Bad Ones dance moves are tight, in sync, with conviction and the expressions on their gorgeous faces that come with the moves, the energy they bring to the stage and always look flawless stunning and make it look so easy (which I am sure it isn’t). These talented ladies later also gave us two Dance Boot Camps putting fans through their paces step by step learning choreography on the pool deck to Timber and Echa Pa’lla and inviting fans on stage to join them. 
DJ Chino always giving us his everything too. I always enjoy those air fist pumping moves -Winning! Leo Brooks and Pitbull jamming and air guitaring together is always a favourite part of the shows I enjoy. Papayo kills it on the percussions, Jorge on the keys, Carlos Palmet on the drums, they all rocked the ship and crowds into a frenzy. 
As well as the Norwegian Cruise team that works behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly and within all of team Pitbull and his management team, there is one person I saw snapping away almost all day. People came on and off stage but this rock star photographer was always there on standby capturing moments. The incredibly talented Greg Watermann who brings these moments alive through the images whether we are physically there or not somehow enable fans everywhere to feel that moment.
Apart from two dazzling performances Pitbull hit the stage for a From The 305 to Around The World: A Motivational Conversation With Pitbull About Turning Negatives into Positives. Which also included some questions asked by selected few directly to Mr Worldwide such as the most pinnacle moment in his career, Tony Robbins, discover why Pitbull’s mom smacked his hand as be reached for the tape deck while being driven to school as a fifth grader, how DJ Laz through his own early struggles and then going on to achieve what he has today has inspired and motivated Pitbull through helping him break his music into Miami and more. It was Pitbull as I’ve never seen him before, giving even more than I thought possible and probably the quietest you will get a crowd in front of Pitbull on stage as they listened attentively. I think we got a lot of Armando there too. A very inspiring, motivational, thought provoking and appreciative even more so of his hard work, hunger, tenacity dedication and great work he invests in towards education and the next generation. A MUST watch video below with thanks and courtesy of Bertie @247Pitbull.
There was no escaping the fun anywhere and the DJ City and Globalization DJs were everywhere in different rooms, pool deck, lounges. EVERYWHERE. They just set that ship on fire. All day, all night. Day was night and night was day! Non-stop incredible mixes. Skilled, unleashed, exhilarating. These ‘scratchologists’ threw you into a trance to just dance. Bringing everyone together to enjoy the music lifting the energy and spreading a wave of high vibrations and not just through the speakers but through their exceptional mixing skills and ability to connect with the ear of the crowd. DJ Laz, Big Syphe, Disko Drew, Phenom, Damaged Goods (Happy Birthday!), Santarosa, DJ Rawn, DJ Soulman, Danny West. I salute you! Thank you for a phenomenal experience.
Believe me there were ladies who must have been above the age of seventy at least still on the pool deck dancing away way in the very early hours throwing some moves down way after the younger ones may be heading for their pillow! I salute you ladies! I said to my fellow Pitbull Girls “That’s going to be us one day. Ageless and still rocking to Pitbull music with everything we’ve got!”
No Pitbull event would be complete without his newly branded Voli 305 Vodka which sponsored the event. It may be a wild weekend escape but there was no escaping the Voli 305.
Behind the bars real bottle displays, in front of the bars we have the giant bottle prop displays. Add to the mix a wider range of appropriately Pitbull and Miami themed exhilarating cocktails (yes exhilarating – the side effects after after just one sip when the eyeballs pop out and a smile stretches from ear to ear)
Cocktails such as Tango 305, ILov Collins Ave, 305 Mojito, Timber, Volito and my personal favourite World-Wide Watermelon with basil, ginger and watermelon which complimented each other so well to tickle the taste buds (see image for full ingredient list) BUT each one was a must try! Each one different in taste from sharp, fruity to sweet one to the other. Either way, all very strong and delectable!
Shot glasses also had a very strong Voli presence on the outside as well as the strength of the contents on it’s inside. Add some more Voli in your cup with a special plastic black Voli 305 After Dark Party larger cup available for purchase with the drink too.
Voli 305 also threw two intimate Mixology Sessions at the Bliss Lounge where the team create a cocktail mix, pass around shots of the concoction, invite members of the audience on stage to make a toast and down the shots simultaneously.  Followed by some Voli 305 goodies such as drawstring bags and caps and a karaoke at the end of the sessions. A lot of fun with much tongue in cheek humour. Classy, sassy, funny, tasty a great concept and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
Other events on board included Zumba, Headphones Disco (preview of Climate Change included in this part), Austin Mahone including a bingo session and acts such as Electric Avenue and Debbie Deb.
With so much going on onboard I almost forgot we were heading to the Bahamas! Saturday saw the ship pull up to Stirrup Cay. Hit the floor with back to back sessions with DJ Laz, Big Syphe and Disko Drew or get on the sun lounger, join the Flip Cup tournament, run into the ocean, or head for the local market and explore.
Back on board themed nights made it even more fun. Saturday was Pitbull’s favourite era The 80’s Night Theme which saw party goers dressed from Miami Vice, Madonna and all kinds of neon colours to the Black Tie Masquerade Ball on Sunday. An evening of sophistication with Dale on ice (yes, literally a ‘Dale’ ice sculpture on display in the Atrium).
Last evening of the After Dark Party was the Sunday evening of the Masquerade Ball. Bobby Biscayne on stage with the DJ City DJ’s and also where the ‘Gingerbread Man’ slipped into the crowds and did one last walk about on the ship surprising fans in disguise. Just try to catch him if you can!
Alas! All good things come to an end. I only wish the cruise was longer. Thank you Pitbull, The Most Bad Ones, Agents,Team Pitbull, Globalization DJ’s, Sixthman, Norwegian Cruise for without any cliches, really giving me the time if my life. It was an honour and pleasure to meet most of you. A special thank you to the wonderful Pitbull Girls that I met for the very first time, made it even more special for me and shared the onboard experience and non stop laughter and jokes with Bertie, Chris Blue, Ashley Meyers, Andrea Ellis, Delicia Perez. Remember it never happened!You ladies rock!
Get on the next ship if it comes along! It’s worth it, embodies and guarantees to give out a strong Pitbull belief. FUN!

Check out the videos and photos below – enjoy, thank you and dale!



(More to follow stay tuned!)


(Sixthman Cruises)

Stirrup Cay 

Voli 305 

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