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Colourful sign post introduces Pitbull and Stephen Marley’s video to Options set in Kingston, Jamaica by Gil Green.

A different start to the usual Pitbull videos (with the exception of FUN also directed by Gil Green) with a longer, enjoyable banter between Stephen and Pitbull as they enjoy a game of Ludo outdoors before they make history later that evening and with Pitbull feeling right as home as a beautiful girl in shredded denim shorts and bright orange bright top walks past straight into the record-stroke-cafe directly behind him.

Distracted, Pitbull follows the beauty (and some more) in the shop to check out his ‘options’ as Marley heads for the studio – Looks like iconic Tuff Gong Studios – before joining Stephen in the studio in a casual open shirt vest on show (too hot for a suit there!)

Back with the girl and a Baddie or so, Pitbull rides off on a moped stopping briefly for some fresh coconut, he loves the kids and stops for a game of footy and school girls singing on the fence while The Most Bad Ones sex it up more between shots.

Not tearing up the history in the wrong way for a girl but more on show with pride. From the statue of the legendary Bob Marley in the Bob Marley Museum to other shots with Pitbull, Stephen along with more of the legendary family Damian (JR Gong) Marley and Julian R Marley within the museum.

Nightfalls, stick a brown jacket on Pitbull, grab the girl and party with the crowd. But not without the

Voli 305 Vodka on the rocks perhaps just as the bottles are sat on the rocks. Blink and you’ll miss it along with the Party Patch.

Nice, chilled and enjoyable mini shots of the Bob Marley Museum.

An end still shot. Mr Worldwide grateful as always, stops with a shot as simply ‘Thank you to the Marleys and Jamaica’ by the iconic Bob Marley statue one hand on guitar and other in the air at the museum. At the end of all that I can say what a really cool video capturing a lot of Marley History and bringing it on screen to share with the globe, especially the studios, statue and museum.



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