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Writing on beautiful Miami Beach, I say “World! Brace yourselves! Mr Worldwide has caused more turbulence and changed the conditions in the world of music yet again. Pitbull’s tenth studio album Climate Change released on the 17th March which features an enticing diverse collection of hits and blend of collaborations, samplers and already released fiery singles such as Green Light, Freedom, Can’t HaveBad Man, Messin’ Around and Options  (Click on titles for full reviews)  Get ready for a rip-roaring, unrestrained ride through one hypnotic album.

Listening to Climate Change for the first time I genuinely felt a ‘shift’. A good shift. Especially the medley of refreshing unreleased songs. A feeling that can’t be explained so much in words other than following since M.I.A.M.I and albums throughout the years and seeing a growth and change in style, genre less movement and flair in each one. That upon reaching Climate Change yet another corner is turned, another avenue of style, sound, collaborations and rhythms are explored- another ‘own lane’ in music paved. The climate in the height of this album has yet again changed and welcomed another direction and more importantly ‘felt’ like another Pitbull era has been born with something new and different yet again injected into music by Mr Worldwide who has again gone and outdone himself on this scorching hot album. I for one am loving it! ‘The devil’s in the detail’ A lot of ‘love’ going on. Keep digging deep!

Click on the titles above for a full review to those songs we have had the opportunity to listen and dance around like no one is watching to. For now let’s go explore some of the unreleased songs.

First up is We Are Strong featuring Kiesza. “Closed the Grammys (last year) and got the credits settle in”. Glad that was mentioned. Something that upset that fans as it was very disrespectful to Pitbull or any artist that would be up there. Airtime, commercial breaks lined up to get in can always be rescheduled and fit around key shows last minute. I know first hand. FACT. But Pitbull is a hustler and you can’t get rid of him either. FACT.

Although Pitbull is always exploring the new, going down the trailblazing ‘own lane’ in music, he is also renowned for going back a few decades and taking samplers, bringing them forward from his favourite (and my) era to create his own brand of magic and slide them into the mix like REO Speedwagon’s ‘Take It on the Run’ in Messin’ Around with one of his serial Partners-in-rhyme Enrique Igleseas and yet again took another 80’s classic from Pat Benatar’s Love Is A Battlefield sample for We Are Strong. “I just wanna welcome everybody to my life. It’s HEAVEN on earth but one HELL of a ride” Watching from afar I an believe that along with a lot of fun on the way.

Pitbull touches on ‘those topics’ religion and politics (politricks!).  Politicians they want to politic and politrick – that’s why I call it politricks! Jump over to religion. Pitbull may not be religious but his passport is most likely thick and stamped as big as the bible. Pitbull talks about David the first Goliath a biblical warrior and also known as an underdog- new day underdog, hustling music and business warrior Armando taking over the game.

This song just vacuumed me into a vortex with the beat and Pitbull’s hunger and tenacity in the rhymes. The 80’s sampler, Pitbull’s life in words growing up in the 80’s taking over. Creating his own lane. We know Pitbull is addicted to the hustle. Learning from the worst but listening to the best and getting on top of his game. A nod of respect to the fellow players “I like the players but I love the game”

Love is indeed a battlefield as is the music industry. To do battle and accomplish what Mr Worldwide has, from nothing to something. Pave his own lane in music and business and survive in the game with all the other ‘standard’ lanes around him and get to the top. I salute you! By the way Public trading companies- Armando is coming for you ( if he hasn’t already!)

Cos as far as my eyes can see, You Look Better On Me as the song goes. That’s the message Pitbull and Ty Dolla $ are sending out. Digging deeper perhaps a little message to the one that got away on who they look better on! A lot of fun ‘PitWordPlay’ such as “You have to have a VISION to understand love is BLIND” to “My name ain’t MAX but I always got HEAD room g-g-g-g-Getit?” A softer dance, upbeat feel.

No Pitbull album would be complete without a JLO collaboration and Climate Change has Sexy Body – perfect title for JLO and Pitbull who we all knows pays homage to JLO’s sexiness. Sexy, smooth, dance fuelled future dance floor filler. Reggae Sasha’s ‘Dat Sexy Body’ and a little of Zara Larsson’s ‘I Would Like’ with some more dance samplers thrown in the mix as Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez brings us forward a decade into the 90’s. Pitbull in and out of those sexy bodies except no hit and run on this one! Pitbull spells it out for us. Literally.

S for the sex, E for the ‘E’ in EX ( forget about your ex! X, Y (why) ‘cos baby I’m up next!
B for the best, O for the one, D ‘cos I’m down (oh my!) Y YOLO- Done, home run grand slam. I’m done. Always with a quick wit and fun word tricks !

“It’s BON Armando Bond but if you act right I give you the D” If you don’t quite get the last bit then you’re too young to listen to the song but don’t fret Mr Education and Jason Derulo are here to Educate Ya!

Uncle Luke has a lot to answer for as Pitbull says “I was raised by 2 Live Crew so just imagine what I could do. Not heard the raw enjoyable outright filth that comes out of Pitbull’s mouth in a while but he tells you where his mouth is heading over so “sit back, relax and let me lick ya” With ALOT more of HOW Mr Worldwide wants to educate you. If you’re feeling dirty, nasty by nature then this is the song so get in the classroom that is the bedroom, there’s no need to write notes but get ready to have your hair pulled #PitbullGirls and smacked a little if you don’t pay attention.  Look out for the Sofia Vergara innuendo. A marriage of some kind of a little Jacko and a touch of 80’s electronic.

Again, one of the many things that I really love and admire about Pitbull’s writing is his play on words, humour, outright innuendos and the hidden innuendos and double meanings that can either slip under the radar, can have the potential to have a group up in arms if noticed or just be plain fun in itself.  Only Ones To Know with the winner of UK’s 3rd series of the X Factor Leona Lewis instantly tickled me. “Keep your lips like the NAVY and SEAL ’em” Going on to say fuck all of social media in the context of not posting everything about a relationship. This is NOT a direct attack on the platforms itself from what can be made out. Just a message of a sense of keeping some level of privacy. Keep it private and be the only ones to know and enjoy all the things you can do when it is under the radar. A fist pumping summer anthem.

Still keeping it on the DL and social media off we move smoothly onto Dedicated.
Dedicated to love and celebrating love! Pitbull? He’s always got that vibe and bringing it out yet again with getting R Kelly and a ‘Modern day 12-Play’ along with him and grabbing Austin Mahone along the way. This was the ultimate surprise collaboration combination. After all how is it possible to conceive the idea of a song with these three on one track? But if anyone knows how to grab artists together and cook up what sounds right, it’s Pitbull.

I, and am I sure along with many other fans, can certainly appreciate the amount of hard work and relentless dedication that must have gone into bringing us this album. Thank you Armando, collaborators and everyone that works so hard behind the scenes who give yet again the tunes that catch me unaware and impulsively to take me away on a crazy mixture of fun and different thought provoking directions and emotions from one song to another – another hypnotic album. Thank you.


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