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Happy Birthday Armando! Wishing you an amazing year ahead!
I hope you enjoy my rhymes (audio & written) below filled with your highlights of the year. Enjoy and thank you for the music that illuminates each day! Dale! Rina

Image credits Greg Watermann

Red light, green light! Everybody take a shot!
And sing Happy Birthday to Armando with all you got!
It’s 2017 – Look out it’s the ginger bread man
Just try to catch him if you can
World domination is well on the way
Let’s revisit some of Pitbull’s highlights last year, what do you say?

Freedom on the Norwegian Cruise, Pitbull God Father of his own ship- it’s crazy!
Cut a deal with Florida, now Miami is all his – a film Scorsese?
They worked hard on it and its all good and jammy
This is ‘Dale the album’ and its got a Grammy
Fun performance and wearing anything but a maxi
Cue Sofia Vergara in El Taxi! 

Pitbull, Joe Perry, Travis Barker, Robin Thicke, this is history in the making – Sin City
Disruption at the Bellagio fountain walking on water – lookin’ pretty!
Went to his own neighbourhood and built a school in it and then some more in Vegas-SLAM
Now it’s Pitbull Day in Vegas March the 11th and its all over Instagram!
If you heard it from a friend then you’ll know it’s true
Pitbull and Enrique have been Messin’ Around again this year too

Tonight it’s going down ‘till the sun comes up and this song is just WOW
Back to Country and some Urban with Keith- Sun don’t let them down, now
Pitbull – He might be an experienced lyrical seducer
Turn to film Puerto Ricans in Paris – Executive Producer!
Metro PCS presents Pitbull powered by Pandora
We know how Pitbull likes to open that box, ahora!

2 Superstars, 1Song It’s the official Copa America song – now we’re on a roll
It’s Becky G and Pitbull – far from scoring an own goal
So proud of you and your Hollywood Star. There’s Luke, Tony but where’s Lil Jon been?
There he is! “Gatta get that snapchat in”
Come Visit Florida! Entices the video of Sexy Beaches
Alluring tourists across the globe as it arrests and audiences it reaches!

Jump across the pond to the UK
Kiss FM UK is where Pit says
Whatever happened between Charlie & Pit in Vegas – there it stays
Bounce over to BBC1 Radio Station
Greg James turns Pitbull into a Dalmatian!
Off to the city that got him “Up like the Eiffel Tower, Paris” NRJ Hit Music Only,
“Fuck You Cauet” Ah mon dieu  I thought you meant me

Green Light dance challenge – you got the moves?
Pitbull fans show us how you groove
Can you march it out like Lunchmoney
Or sex it up like a Bad One, honey?

Ya boy picked up another residency in Vegas so let’s have the Time Of Our Lives
Guys watch out they’re heading over there- your wives!
‘We’re all Mexican’ so let’s do Independence Day in Vegas too
Really off to Vegas now – adios and adieu!

Texas Lottery play for a chance to win
Scratch that card and if it’s Pitbull you’ve won, then gimme a grin
Pitbull gets a Digital Radio Award  – SoundExchange 
Sit tight – ahead there’s more awards in range
An Evening With Pitbull Hard Rock Presents
Another Mr Worldwide sizzling event

On the moon there may be a footprint
But it’s really a marathon not a sprint
It’s not about the money but the journey and legacy you leave behind
Putting in all the grind – into the world Armando brings kind

Pasos cortos, vista larga – That’s Short steps, long vision
Create with your mind but stay in school and learn that long division
“My Kids can’t eat awards” but this one really struck a chord
It’s a responsibility to give back- congratulations on your iHeart Premio Corazon Latin Award

2011 HOT GUY Pitbull most influential cover says Latina Magazine
EEYAW! Ladies you know what I mean!
Bad Boyz – that’s the name of the hit
House might be ruined but it’s got a Scarface feel to it
For Breast Cancer Awareness -Hollywood Bowl is where Pitbull arrives
To perform at the benefit concert – We Can Survive

Fazilpuria and Pitbull collab on the horizon? Sweet!
Cuba, America, India on the bars to meet
The breed are loyal, pleasant dogs really you see
Pitbull calls himself a domesticated animal – Beyond Worldwide Fuse TV

Ay Mi Dios! On the way to global domination
“Winning!’ As Chino may say to the Premio Lo Nuestro nomination
Can’t Have? ‘Cos then we own the restaurant – One 30Sinco that’s whats coming up!
To owning all the houses on the block- not bad for some immigrants, hey ‘clown?’ Now who’s coming up ‘trumps?’

Dancing With The Stars – Pop Sugar says Pit caused harassment, isn’t that absurd?
Lemme ‘toss over’ my dictionary – Go look up the word!
Off to Dubai to perform for a Princess? No you see
This year it’s a ‘Pit-stop’ at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

On stage with Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within!
Create your own version of success and life to win
Park in front of the TV and grab a Voli my dear
Latin American Music Awards Green Light to premiere

I can’t wait ‘till Cuba’s free and it’s not just a drink at the bar – Pit said
Hopefully Mr Worldwide can jet there now Castro is now dead
Move a step closer to freedom – CUBA LIBRE fragrances at Perfumania
#PitbullGirls worldwide sent into a frenzy – worldwide insania!
“Ya Se Acabo” comes back 10 years later
After he’s gone – the known dictator

Back in time another mix to pen
Grab Austin M for 2017 mix of Lady again
Promoted at the Winterfest Boat Parade
It’s the Grand Marshal – hit first grade

“Que sigue la fiesta” Says Pitbull and “Let’s Party” with Lil’Jon – Whaat!?
La Vida Es Una my favourite duo are back, can’t do it like Pequeno Juan but – Whhaat!?
Always with a vision bring it from the tattoo to the bottle
New label for Voli delivered at full throttle

Let’s not forget inspirational #PitbullGirl Missi – heaven sadly this year took
I hope you can enjoy Pitbull music there back to back off the hook
Elsewhere new fan concepts are born – Pitbull Quote of the day, Pitbull Meme, a Dose of Pit
Inspirational Pitbull words of wisdom more laughter, fun and wit

Then to the end Fox New Years Revolution – after finishing the egg nogg
Those dogs let LoOooSE – It’s Pitbull and Snoop Dogg 
So much achieved and more to go – bite to lock and to stupid to lose
Aah come on…. let’s go party on the Pitbull Cruise!

Running behind you having fun!
Run gingerbread man, run! Show the world again what they’ve never seen! 
Happy Birthday Armando – it’s Climate Change go get the rest of 2017

Lots of Love & thanks for the inspiration, motivation and tunes that illuminate each day

(Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed) 


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