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Mr Education is doing it for the kids again! This time connecting more dots between music, merch and education!

In this strategic move to help advance learning opportunities for children around the world, Pitbull partners up with the Hard Rock Heals Foundation for his very own Signature Series shirt which where a percentage of the retail price of each shirt sold will be donated to SLAM Foundation.

“Music and education have always been a driving force in my life. Partnering with the Hard Rock Heals Foundation for my Signature Series shirt will benefit SLAM! (Sports, Leadership, Arts and Management) in its effort to help students from all walks of life achieve their highest potential.” Says Pitbull

Grab your limited edition T-shirt! At $27.50 it’s a steal and we’re doing our bit for education while paying homage to Pitbull’s 305 Miami Vice stylee too!

LONDON – We hear ‘ Be sure to check out our ‘Fashion Rocks’ event on the 21st of February to see it in full action!’ According to Hard Rock Café London – More to follow!

SHOP  ( also available in Hard Rock Shops globally)

SOURCE: Hard Rock Café Blog   Hard Rock Café London 

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