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“Forget Resolution we’re going to have a REVOLUTION” as Pitbull says. I say forget the Big Apple now, it looks like they’ve really dropped the ball and while they did, the party was stolen by Pitbull and taken to the Pineapple to Miami’s Bayfront Park for the last few years!

Pre, during and post event, fans dedicated and excited for Pitbull were blowing up social media along with Spotify’s playlist selections.

Green Light with fellow Miami-an Lunchmoney Lewis set the tone and of course an appropriate for the occasion Don’t Stop The Party.

With Pitbull at centre stage, the event was also hosted by Queen Latifah and another great canine in the industry- Snoop Dogg with whom Pitbull had a classic rap battle or ‘doggy battle’ on the mic, before treating the crowd with Drop It Like It’s Hot. Austin Mahone also sang with Mr Worldwide, their 90’s version of Modjo’s Lady. Pitbull also treated fans to recent hit from upcoming album Climate Change, Can’t Have amongst other hits.

The mass party also included performances with a 90’s touch such as Naught By Nature, Salt’n’Pepa Coolio and Nelly. Also with legendary DJ LAZ on the decks with his name and logo up in lights too! As well as sizzling performances by the Most Bad Ones as always.

Star studded event with the ultimate, quintessence, epitome and embodiment of the meaning of PARTY, Pitbull. Who was charismatic, charming, energetic and even got up close to the crowds at times connecting with his audience whether they be at Bayfront Park, watching it on Fox TV or abroad via Live stream. Everybody watching was in Miami at this party wherever they may physically be.

A 90’s artist feel and bringing delight to old school Pitbull fans with flavour especially with the rap battle segment. The television ratings must have shot through the roof! A spectacular show and production!

Check out the images below ( source: New Years Revolution @PitbullNYE ) then head on over to for more images of the momentous evening.

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