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All aboard (The Pitbull Cruise) everyone now, Pitbull and Austin Mahone are talking about you, ‘Lady’!

Austin and Pitbull back to bring another hit. Revive an old original ‘Lady’ from Modjo in year 2000 in a great modern danc-ier, EDM-ier twist which as premiered on DJCity as below

LOVE Austin on the chorus especially. While Pitbull sneaks in some old school style ‘classy-nasty’ with making you “Feel right, feel good, feel wet, feel freaky, feel nasty, feel wood! It’s all good” What!? Bring that last line back-I had to take two. Yes it is all good indeed Pitbull. This lady for sure loved the old school filth that comes out of your mouth eeeYAW!

Source: DJ City/AudioMack

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