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WHAT?! Pequeno Juan and Lil’ Chico. May have ‘little’ in their names but there’s nothing little about it . The guys who are back on track. On the La Vida Es Una track.

I’m always excited when I hear a Pitbull and Lil’Jon collaboration is on the horizon. They’re back doing what these fellas do best on a tune. Having fun, with a touch of flirtatious fun spirited filth while grabbing us fans along for the ‘KraZy’ ride!

Produced by DJ Kronic, an explosion of party, Latin beats, carnival, bass, a heaven for boisterous party goers. 

“Que sigue la fiesta” as Pitbull says, echoed by Lil’Jon “Let’s Party” because you only live once, grab it with both hands hoy se toma. La Vida es Una. 

Only a Pitbull and Lil’Jon collaboration can bring a ‘mental party’ of old school nostalgia and embrace the new style they bring together today. Love it.  

The song premiered exclusively on DJCITY. The cover is simple, effective and arresting as always with blue fabric draping over the letters, created by Monkey Pig Inc.

Now sigue the beat that gets those fists air- banging:

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